Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chicks REALLY do dig scars

Colin tied for the Houston Chronicle’s Cutest Kid 2009!

He tied with Josh, who was pictured at the Houston Astro’s game. I am glad they tied with us. When we entered the contest for fun, we had no idea what we were in store for. People were writing in negative comments on Colin’s page accusing us of cheating, using his heart condition to gain votes, and saying that we have entered Colin in other contests under other names. We almost removed him from the contest.

Josh’s family was real nice and left a nice message on Colin’s page wishing us luck and telling us not to read into those negative comments.

So the big prize that got people in such a hissy to be mean to a 9 month old cardiac baby??? … Colin wins a book and his picture will be featured in the mom’s section in next Tuesday’s printed Houston Chronicle.

They emailed and asked his age and what he is interested in so they can send him a book. I told them one with bright colors to slobber on.

Thank you to all that voted and helped Colin be a star!



Lisha said...

i can't believe people can be so mean! whatever!! i would vote for those big eyes any day of the week - zipper club or not!!

Jenny Lincoln said...

Yeah Colin!! He is adorable! I can't believe you were getting responses like that!! God forbid you be proud of your son and all he has endured and survived and share his story! Glad to hear all is well with Colin and your family!