Monday, January 4, 2010

Colin turned 9 months old & Cardology Visit

Yesterday Colin turned 9 months old, wow! Can’t believe how time flies!
He has really grown up a lot this past month!
- HE IS CRAWLING. Colin can crawl forwards, but mainly still goes backwards most of the time. He moves all around the room in the blink of an eye!
- Likes to open drawers and empty his diaper basket!
- Has said Mama a few times
- Now weighs 17lbs 4 ounces on our scale. Not too bad considering he was sick and didn’t eat well for about a week.
- We are still struggling on baby food. He tolerates it, we are going to have occupational therapy work with us on getting him to increase his amount.
- Has his TWO bottom front teeth
- Constantly pulling himself up in a standing position. He thinks he has balance and has let go a couple of times, to find out he lands on his butt!

Colin had a check up with his cardiologist on Dec. 31. Colin’s chest x-ray looked great! His doctor felt Colin was doing really well and we don’t have to go back to see him until April! He is very happy with Colin’s progression! He is most likely going to be taken off one of his medicines when we go back! Yeah, so it would just leave us with Reflux medicine, ½ tablet of baby aspirin, and Enalapril for blood pressure. That would be nice!

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Jenny Lincoln said...

He looks great!! What a cutie! Happy to hear things are going well with your family and that you all had wonderful holidays this year.