Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are just a few days away from our 2nd family trip, Colin’s first airplane ride, and his first time out of state. We took Katherine to Phoenix when she was 9 months old, the same as Colin! We have a long list of stuff to bring with us for a three yr old, and a 9 month old heart baby. We are starting to pack tonight!
Last Friday, Colin had an appointment with Occupational Therapy about eating more baby food. He tolerates baby food, but has never been too excited about it. The good news is that he has the skills to do it. Bad news is due to the tube feedings, forced feedings to gain weight, serve reflux, and a gag reflex.. he is pretty guarded about his mouth and the things that go in it. She gave us some tips on getting him more used to things going in his mouth. So far seems to be working, last night he ate 3 oz of baby food without having to push him into it. He was opening his mouth ready for the food, hope this trend continues.

This weekend we were pretty low key – getting ready for our big trip. We took the kids to Bass Pro Shop… it’s an outdoors/fishing store that is really like an amusement park for Katherine. She was “driving” boats and 4 wheelers. “Camping” in the tents. We got to sample fudge, which she liked of course.

At home we had a dance party led by Katherine and Matt!

Colin is now cruising down the furniture, when he holds onto the stairs, he will walk from one end to the next, same with the couch. I don’t think it will be too long before he is walking.
Katherine is really enjoying Colin at this stage, she loves to play with him. She is on a retro cartoon kick at the moment. Though she still loves Dora and Diego, she is into Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, The Snorks, and Smurfs! Her vocabulary and thought process has really skyrocketed lately. She is such a little girl now and not a toddler anymore! She is one tough negotiator, I think she has a great future in sales!


Jenny Lincoln said...

I hope you guys have a great trip! I'm excited to hear how Colin does on the plane. We are thinking about taking Aly on her first flight in a few months (when she'll be about Aly's age). Her cardiologist suggested we have the airline have oxygen ready in case they fly above 30,000 feet and her sats might drop a little. Did your doctor have you take any different precautions?

Jennifer said...

He had us call the airline and make sure they are equiped with oxygen just in case.
This should be interesting with all the baby stuff, medicines, we are also taking his pulse ox machine to monitor on the trip.
Two kids on a plane... Will need a drink when we land!
Good thing is my parents are also going!
We will be the guinea pigs for you!