Monday, February 15, 2010

Colin’s first week at daycare, Ear infection/fever, and Valentines Day

This has been one interesting week! Colin’s first day of daycare was Monday! He really had lots of fun playing with the other babies and exploring a whole new world, BUT he didn’t drink much of his bottles. He was TOO interested in everything going on around him. Tuesday he was a little better.

Then came Wednesday, Colin didn’t sleep much Tuesday night and in the morning he had a temperature. So he didn’t go to daycare on Wednesday or Thursday. Turns out Colin’s ear infection from the other week never fully went away, so they put him on stronger antibiotics.

Katherine was VERY excited about Colin going to school with her. Though it was hard for her to understand that they would not be in the same class, she would go to her class and he would be in the baby room. She told me that Colin doesn’t like other babies and needed to be in HER class. So sweet, hope she remembers that when she’s 13 and he is 10! And she was sad when Colin had to stay home with his fever.

Thursday night, Katherine and I made Valentines cookies for her party on Friday. She came home with so many cards and candy.. Of course she LOVES this holiday! I think she was on a sugar high ALL weekend long! Last night she crashed on the living room floor while asking to watch cartoons. Had to check to make sure she was breathing, she fell asleep so sudden!

Colin’s fever finally broke Saturday afternoon, and we all finally got a full night sleep!Sunday Matt’s parents came over and watched the kids while matt and I got to enjoy a Valentines lunch just the two of us.

So we are giving daycare another try this week! I really hope he starts eating more there today! I want him to stay there and be with other kids, but if he doesn’t eat, he will have to go back home. It’s tough having a baby who could care less about bottles, baby food, and has such a strong gag reflex when it comes to solid food. But we are working on solids, so we can get away from bottles and baby food. My dad went to daycare this morning to show the ladies how to feed Colin. He took the whole bottle, no fuss, hopefully they will have the same luck this afternoon!
Colin waiting for his breakfast at "school" with his "classmate"

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