Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Trip to Phoenix

Okay.. Finally I am going to update this from our wonderful trip to Phoenix. We had a great time visiting family and getting to enjoy the wonderful 70 degree weather. We went hiking at Lake Pleasant, hiking at White Tanks, saw the amazing Phoenix Zoo, spent a day in Scottsdale, got a visit from Barney, and stayed up late with family every night.

The kids did excellent on the plane rides! Colin slept all the way there and most the way back! We had no problems with his oxygen levels, something we were told to watch out for. Katherine was so excited on the way there, she told everybody on the plane that we were ALL going to Granny’s house! The flight attendants LOVED her!

The only problem we had was on the way back we got the pre-boarding medical pass, but they would not let the 4 of us board together, but they were advertising people to get upgraded and a chance to board early. I wrote Southwest a NASTY email about not letting a medical family board together but SELLING pre-boarding passes to other people.

The first night we were there, Katherine had to slept with her Granny (my grandma), she even kicked Sunshine (what she calls my mom) out of the bed for Granny. I am so happy that the kids got to spend time with my grandparents, it has been over a year since we got to see them. It was the first time Colin got to meet them! Come to think of it, this trip was full of a lot of first for Colin, 1st airplane ride, 1st time to go hiking, 1st trip to a zoo, and 1st time out of state! We took Katherine to Phoenix when she was 9 months old, so this was her second time for all this. But she enjoyed it all a LOT more this time!

We took so many pictures! I am just going to post a small amount, since we have over 200! Matt got up every morning at took pictures of the beautiful sunrises out in the desert.

Below are pictures, keep scrolling, there are a lot!

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