Monday, February 22, 2010

It’s My Heart Fun Run/Family Walk

Thank you all for your support in the 4th Annual It's My Heart Fun Run/Family walk. We had a great time and beautiful weather on Saturday. We even had a member of Team Colin finish 2nd in the 5K FUN Run!

Thank you to all who donated and came out to support Team Colin. Team Colin raised almost $4,000!

It was great to see many of Colin's heart friends and make new ones. We got to spend time with Colin’s heart friend Elle for the first time OUT of the hospital. It was great to see her family and how well she is doing. Colin and Elle overlapped their time in the hospital for both surgeries. It’s nice to have friends going through the same life events you are. Colin took a little nap before our walk!

We also got to see Abigail, who Colin spent time in Cardiac ICU and on the regular floor with. She is beautiful and very fancy with her red boa. Matt’s friend from college has a little girl, Amelia, who is 4 months old and on the heart transplant list. It was nice meeting them and spending time with our friends Josh and Melissa who were on Team Amelia.

After the race/walk they had a family festival with food, music, moonwalks, and dancing! Katherine was amazing by the STOMP performance and the line dancing that followed. Of course she got to bounce on the moonwalks! And we even came away with a new member to our family - Bluey the Blue Fish (that's a creative 3 year old for you)!
Every kid that raced/walked got a medal, Colin thought his was a great chew toy!
If you didn't have a chance to join us, we will be doing the event again next year.

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Jenny Lincoln said...

That's awesome! I love the tshirts!! :)