Monday, May 3, 2010

13 months & Story Telling

Today Colin is 13 months old! The last month Colin has been eating so much better and learning lots of new things! I feel we are finally in the "normal" track for a child his age.

Helping with yard work

- Has 5 teeth with two more breaking through right now
- Drinking anywhere from 6-9 ounces of milk a bottle
- Weights a little over 19 lbs
- Loves food and trying new food - actually get hungry and cries and reaches out for food! Just a few months ago, he could have cared less about table foods.
- If you tell him to give you kisses, he gives you a big wide open mouth slobbery kiss on the lips
- If you tell him "night, night" he will lay his head down on the pillow
- Blows kisses
- Likes to brush his hair all by himself
- Still walks holding on a pinky, can stand on own for about 30 seconds
- Climbs up the stairs really well and fast!
- Words: mama, dada, up, look, see, outside (ouse side), daddy
- Loves to dance - yesterday was rocking out to Fergie :)
- Loves being outside, crawling on the grass or patio, climbing up his slide, and sliding down. Even if his sister IS shooting him with a water gun!

Colin will be going into Texas Children's tomorrow for two small procedures, he is getting tubes in his ear and is getting circumcised. We had to wait on the circumcision until after his heart surgeries, then we found out he was getting tubes, we organized the two procedures together so he will only have to go under once. It will be out patient, so we should be home in the afternoon. With both procedures, he is expected to have minimal discomfort.

We had a nice relaxing weekend. Went swimming, played in the back yard, did yard work, and had a picnic on the back patio.

Colin taking a nap after swimming

We have come to realize the Katherine will be our sneaky kid we have to keep an eye on. Friday night she got caught drawing on her leg with a sharpie and told us that her friend Jessica "jumped" in the window, drew on her leg, then "jumped" back out the window. After telling her several times to tell the truth, she finally confessed, it was her! Bad for lying, but the kid has an imagination and will try hard to sell her story! Poor Colin, soon it will be.. Colin did it! Which he is no angel either!

Katherine "made" Colin some "Soup". Think he was a little mad when he realized nothing was on the spoon!

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Lisha said...

he's so big!! i can't believe how far our little ones have come!