Thursday, May 6, 2010

Colin's Procedures

Colin's procedures went well on Tuesday, both were a success. The ENT did find fluid behind both ears, the tubes will help keep that fluid out, helping minimize the ear infections, help him hear and talk better, and even walk better. His circumcision went well also. Poor kid, that's a lot in one day!

We got up to the hospital at 6:30am, we had to wait on all the different teams to get ready, then he was off at a little before 8:00am. I was still a little nervous to hand him over, but it was much easier than handing him over for heart surgery.
We were able to see Colin about 10:00am. He was in a little bit of pain, but was HUNGRY. He gulped down 8 ounces of Pedalyte and 2 ounces of milk, they stopped him after that so he wouldn't get sick. Colin was wheezing and coughing (sounded a lot like croup) in recovery, so they did two breathing treatments and steriod shot and held him overnight for observation, cardiology wanted to make sure it was not in his chest. Once we got up to our room, he was breathing fine, but they wanted to make sure he was alright. Matt came up and spent the night with us and we ordered pizza and watched Lost. All three of us slept in the pull out bed, a little tight, but cozy! Katherine stayed with my parents and went swimming and found out she was having a cousin! I hadn't told her yet, but Lara and Russell showed her pictures, she told them the baby looked like a fish.
We were released the next morning. Hated having to spend the night but with Colin it's better to be safe than sorry.

Colin looking out the window waitng to go home

Colin has acted 100% normal since the surgeries, we haven't even had to fill his pain meds. After he was home for 5 minutes, he was already climbing up the stairs to the playroom, with no problems. Yesterday I took him and Katherine to get ice cream to celebrate, Colin LOVED the cheesecake flavored ice cream, he was very upset when it was gone. And Katherine got to play in the fountains for a little while.

Last night I told Katherine we were going to go see the Astros play baseball this weekend, she told me she could not go because she would get sick and throw up on me! (She got sick the other weekend when my parents took her and threw up all over Uncle Russell). I explained to her that it was not the baseball game that made her sick, and reminded her that there is a playground at the ballpark and she then decided it was OK to go to the baseball game.

Sorry about picture quality, all were taken from my iPhone.

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