Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Colin!

This weekend was full of birthday celebrations for a very special boy… Colin turned 2 on Sunday. Where did the time go, didn't we just celebrate him being one?

Of course with Colin, his birthday is more than just turning a year older, it signifies so much more than that. It's a day that we celebrated a year of great health, a year of no heart surgeries, a year of blessings made through God and his medical staff. A year that we didn't take for granted, a year that we know we are more fortunate than other families.

Looking back at his birth, even two years ago to this day (a day after he was born) we knew nothing of HLHS, nothing of CHD's, nothing of the journey we were about to begin. I am still so very very thankful to this day for the doctor in the NICU to do an echo on Colin just to make sure since things weren't adding up. I am so very thankful for delivering two blocks ago from a top rated heart center that knew what to do, and I am so very thankful that Colin's heart was strong enough to go undiagnosed for 3 days. Colin's birthday will always be a reminder about how blessed we truly are to have him here with us.

A little update on Colin:

- 23 pounds (3rd percentile) but is growing according to his growth curve

- 32 inches (5th percentile)

- Speech - is saying 4 word sentences… "Look momma, a tree" , "I wanna go outside", "I wanna snack, eat"

- Comprehension - understands very well, yesterday Katherine said "lets go to the zoo", Colin's reply "Yes, I go Zoo, yes I wanna go.. Zoo Zoo.." then he turned off the tv and picked up his shoes and brought them to me :P Sadely, we did not go to the zoo.

Saturday we had Katherine's soccer game, then we came home and got the house ready for his party. The theme of the party was of course, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.. Colin's favorite right now. We had 12 kids running around. They bounced on the moonwalk, played in the backyard, and went wild in the upstairs playroom. Colin had such a great time with his friends. Katherine had a good amount of friends there too since her classmates also have siblings in Colin's class. Colin got lots of great new toys, including a John Deere Tractor, a pretend weed eater, "leaf blower" that blows bubbles, and of course Buzz Lightyear toys. He had lots of fun opening his presents this year… I even heard him say "Whoa" when opening them. The moonwalk was at our house for 4.5 hours, I think Colin jumped in it for about 3 of those hours…. He loved it so much! After all the guest left, Colin passed out. It was a very tiring day, but well worth it to see both Colin and Katherine have so much fun with their friends.

Sunday we went down to Galveston to eat at The Spot, our favorite hamburger place on the beach. Then we went down to the strand for shopping and the candy store, where we got a caramel dipped apple covered in M&M's, chocolate covered cherries, and more goodies. Colin even had fun hanging out at the "bar" with Matt, it's a shop on the strand that sells beach apparel and has a bar :) What a great weekend to celebrate a very special birthday boy!

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