Monday, May 16, 2011

Campfire, Last Soccer Game, Roadtrip, and Reliving First Kiss

The Eyrings live for weekends, work hard, pay hard - right! This past weekend was of course fun-filled and exhausting, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So much time passes in our daily routine, so we try to take advantages of the weekends as much as we can, especially since it's not 100 degrees yet!

Friday night we went over my brothers for dinner. We got to spend a nice evening together with him, his wife, and my nephew who is 8 months old. We even got to roast marshmallows and make smores in the backyard. It was a nice evening with great company.
Saturday was Katherine's last soccer game of the season. It was the most evenly matched game we had all season, most of our games we had two players really dominate. Katherine was close to scoring but the ball got a little ahead of her, but her friend Jacob was able to help out and make a goal out of it! After the game, Matt made a little speech about each game and gave them their trophy. Matt did a great job of coaching the team, it's not easy to deal with six 4&5 year olds! It was a fun season, but it will be nice to have our Saturday mornings back until it starts back up in the fall. After the game, Colin got a MUCH needed haircut, he looks so much older. Not sure why it took me so long to cut his hair, I want it long, but his hair is thin like mine, it needs to be a little shorter.. Not too short though! Saturday afternoon Matt had to go into work and I took the kids to a birthday party..yes another birthday party.. The kids have much more of a social calendar than Matt & I combined. They had a moonwalk with a slide, which was of course a big hit with the kids, including mine. They also had a piñata, Colin & Katherine did great taking swings at it, Katherine even knocked out a few pieces of candy from it. Sunday we got up early and dropped the kids off at Matt's parents so we could have a "Jennifer and Matt's Day O Fun"..(thank you --- we really appreciated and needed that!) We drove up to College Station, where Texas A&M is (the college Matt & I met at). We took the back roads for a nice Sunday drive. We got up there and ate at one our favorite restaurants there. They built a nice patio and we sat outside and had amazing hamburgers (they are just as good as I remember). The weather was perfect.. 78 degrees and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. We then went to one of the little shops to buy Katherine and Colin some new Aggie shirts. Then we went to a few bars and had some drinks. Sat outside on the patios enjoyed drinks and each other.. No kids to chase down, yell at, or play 100 questions with. It was nice to just have "us" time.We even stopped and relived our first kiss (that in August will be 12 years ago). It's in Bottlecap Alley, which is an alley between two bars, full of bottlecaps.. Maybe not the most romantic place for first kiss, but hey I was 20.. It was romantic enough :). After having a few drinks and reliving when we met, we went to the Aggie Baseball game to watch them BEAT Nebraska. It was a beautiful day for a baseball game, can't wait until the kids are a little older to enjoy watching the Aggies play baseball. It was a very nice short roadtrip. It was very enjoyable to have Matt all to myself for a whole day. This morning I put the kids in their Aggie shirts for school. Getting a picture of these two is so hard, but they crack me up!


SunSonSunshine said...

cute post

Jenny Lincoln said...

Your kids are so cute. :) You guys go to some crazy birthday parties- I have never seen a moonwalk at a birthday party! But now you have me thinking maybe Aly needs one for hers... ;)