Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happenings around our house

We like to read bedtime stories. Sometimes we like to pretend we are a big boy and can read all myself. And we have lots of "stuff" in our bed. We like to go to Star Wars parties. Look at this amazing cake and it was yummy!
We pass out watching cartoons with our light saber. This will protect us while we are dreaming of more cake and ice cream. Oh the saber fights they have had this week.
We got a new basketball goal. They have been great at taking turns becoming NBA players.
He shoots, he scores. Look at the determination on his face! We are a "green" family, we believe in recycling.
We like to cuddle and watch movies in mom & dad's bed. Katherine didn't make it all the way through the movie, but Colin did. And while she was snoring, he was still snuggled with up big sis.
We like to lick the bowl when making cupcakes, who doesn't.
We are determined to get every drop of batter out of this bowl, even if that means crawling into it, which both of them ending up sticking their heads in there.


Jenny Lincoln said...

I love keeping up with the Eyrings- You always have the cutest pictures. and WOW that cake is CRAZY!! :)

SunSonSunshine said...

That cake was amazing and probably became every child's dream. Those two kids are very lucky where even a normal day day is filled with something special and so much love. Great post; enjoyed it. They are both really growing while I am away :(

Elaine said...

Your pics make me smile so much! What a happy family. I love the snuggly movie pic and the one with Matt helping with the cupcakes:)