Monday, May 23, 2011

Relaxing Weekend - For Once

The other week a photographer came into the school for pictures, they turned out really cute this time. Sorry for the poor quality, they were scanned at work and didn't turn out so well. These pictures is what prompted us to get Colin's haircut, didn't realize how "Out of Control" it had got until these pictures came back. Katherine is getting so big and growing into a little lady. I love the picture of just her, she is so beautiful on the outside and inside.

This weekend we took it easy, which I loved. We have been so busy lately. Friday night while the kids watched a movie, I cleared out two trash bags of old, broken, or toys with missing pieces out of the game room.. Sshhhh.. Don't tell the kids! I made chocolate chip cookies to distract them from wanting to come upstairs to see what I was doing.

This was our first weekend without soccer, it was nice but strange not to be at the soccer fields on Saturday morning. Saturday we cleaned house and ran errands. Then we decided to be brave and go to the movies for the first time as a family. Colin has never been to the movies before and he did a great job. We went to go see Rio, which was cute and had a lot of upbeat songs, which helped Colin so much. He sat in my lap and bounced and danced around with the music. The few times he got antsy, we had plenty of snacks to "entertain" him. I am very please that he is now able to go to the movies, so we can all go together instead of Matt and I switching off who will take Katherine. We can now go as a family, as it should be!

Sunday we just hung around the house. After lunch we turned on the sprinklers, put on our bathing suits, and played in the backyard for over two hours. The kids love being outside, playing in the water, making mud puddles, playing chase.. I enjoy sitting in the sun after spending all week indoors at my cubicle. Matt had them watering plants and trying to help our poor grass since we are in the worst drought since the 1930's.. BOOOO, we need rain so bad!

When we took the kids to Phoenix last November to say our good-byes to my grandma, Katherine took this colored pebble out of her yard to remember her by. My grandma had a gravel yard being in the desert, but to make it pretty she put colored pebbles all through her yard to add color and flare. Lately at night when Katherine goes to bed, she takes the pebble and sits by the window and prays that God is taking care of Granny and getting her anything she wants, and asks God to watch over her. Katherine is so sweet, I know my grandma is watching from heaven with a huge smile and a happy heart. My grandma adored Katherine so much, Katherine will grow up knowing that!
Water balloon standoff.. who will win?
Playing chase, she is fast!
Colin's NEW favorite pass time.. HE LOVES to get me keys at stand at the door and put the keys in and lock it, unlock it, take the keys out, and do it all over again. He will do this for 30 minutes and be happy and content. I love how his mind works, always trying to figure it all out!
Mom, it's lock, it's stuck.. I had to go help him get it out that time. He was not happy and yanked the keys back from me to do it again.
Katherine's new game she likes to play.. Librarian. You check out books from her and she will stamp them and put the piece of paper "Library Card" in in and tell you to return in two weeks. She has an amazing imagination that keeps us guessing all the time.

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sunshine said...

Beautiful school pictures of them--I hope I am getting one when you send me my mail. I need to update my refrigerator magnets!