Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend - Happy Birthday America!

Saturday we got up early and headed down to the beach, what's 4th of July weekend without the beach. We found a nice quite spot on the beach and played and swam for almost 5 hours. We built sandcastles, dug in the sand for mussels, looked for seashells, and played in the big waves. Katherine had so much fun getting clobber by the waves.. Colin, not so much.. He doesn't like the saltwater in his eyes. After the beach, we got in the car, Colin fell asleep immediately, but not too much asleep where he couldn't eat a cheeseburger.. You must watch the video.. It's too funny, he eats the entire hamburger without opening his eyes.

Sunday we went over to Matt's parents for his dad's birthday. Katherine was disappointed that there were no invitations sent for the party and that is was "just" family and no friends of hers were invited. The kids had a great time playing in the pool and Aunt Robin and Uncle Brian brought over the Sno-Cone machine. The kids and everybody else loved that. Matt made me a margarita sno-cone. We had yummy fajitas and a brownie cake. July 4th we played on the slip-n-slide, bbq'ed hamburgers and hot dogs, my brother and sister-in-law came over. Then we went and saw the fireworks. Katherine and Colin were so excited for fireworks, they enjoyed the show, pointing out which ones were their favorite ones. It was my nephew Kannon's first firework show, he seemed to be amazed by them.

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