Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Dear Sweet Girl

Happy 5th Birthday Katherine! We love you so very much. You are such an amazing person. You are so caring, smart, silly, imaginative, creative, sassy, loving, sensitive, cuddly, beautiful, an amazing big sister, and so many other things.

We were so blessed when God brought you to us. I count those blessings every day still. You are the light of our eyes, you are our princess, our tom boy, our artist, our fancy girl, our wiggle butt, our ice cream buddy, our story teller, you are the world to us. I am remember and cherish every moment we have spent together from the time when you in my belly to now, getting ready for Kindergarten.

I love our times snuggling together, swimming, making sand castles, practicing our letters & numbers, bike and wagon rides, vacations, and seeing your smile as I pick you up from school. I love watching you be a great big sister, giving Colin lots of kisses, holding his hand in the parking lot, snuggling with him during movie time and sharing your popcorn, and protecting him.

Happy 5th Birthday, my dear sweet girl. We love you so much!

Katherine had her birthday party this weekend. She had friends over from school and we had a water activity party. We had a slip-n-slide, pool, water balloons, water guns, and fun sprinkler. Of course the them was a Princess Party. The kids had a great time playing in the water, eating pizza, ice cream, cake, opening presents, and playing in the playroom. Friday night, I spent an hour filling up 150 water balloons, the kids went through them in 8 minutes.

Usually on Katherine's birthday, I take the day off work and we have a special day. But this year, her summer camp is having a field trip today to the movies to see Cars 2. We were going to have a beach day, but she said we go to the beach all the time, she wanted to go to the movies with her friends. It hurt just a little to know that I have been replaced on our special day, but it's her birthday and I want her to have fun. THEN this morning while we were getting ready to go to school, she started crying saying that she wanted to have our beach day instead of going to the movies and that she doesn't want me to leave her on her birthday. Unfortunately I have meetings today that I can't cancel, but I told her she can pick whatever she wants to do on Saturday, that will be her special day. It was nice to hear this morning that I have NOT been replaced.
Water guns, Katherine's orders to get the "younger" kids
Water Balloons, what every Texas summer birthday needs.
Look at Katherine trying to grab all the water balloons at once.
On the hunt to throw them at Daddy.
The girls chit chatting in the pool
Katherine and Colin racing down the slip-n-slide
The birthday girl in her princess hat.
She blew them all out!
Opening presents.. what parties are made for!
Katherine in her Rapunzel hair with Aunt Lara and Kannon
Lunch the next day in Galveston, being a cheese ball..
Happy 5th Birthday

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