Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Colin. aka Superhero!

Wow.. 3 years have flown by! We are so proud of Colin and everything he has accomplished in 3 years. I will try not to get too sappy in this post, but can't blame me if I do. April 3, 2009 a healthy baby boy entered our world. It wasn't until April 6th, 2009 that we would come to know he wasn't as healthy as we all thought. But it has never stopped or slowed him down. And I pray to God, it never will!

I am proud that Colin is on track with his peers, is truly a "normal" 3 year old (just a little small.. but who cares). He loves super heros.. I think because he deep down inside knows that he is really one of them. He has overcome so much, from severe feeding issues, motor skills delays, not to mention 2 open heart surgeries, months in a hospital, monthly shots, medicines around the clock, and isolation the first 9 months of his life.

Colin has taught us the "true" meaning of life. I appreciate life, my family, God, friends, my work, and so much more because of him. Colin is so strong & brave, loving & cuddly, strong willed & spirited, smart & caring, silly and a little bit of a trouble maker.. all the more reason to love him!

Colin picked the theme for his party this year.. Spiderman. We had a spiderman cake, spiderman moonwalk, spiderman mask, he got spiderman clothes, and spiderman toys! Saturday we had his party with his friends, 14 kids in all. Poor Colin was a little under the weather, but still had a great time. But he did take a little nap during the party, it's okay, it's his party and he will nap if he wants to. But he still woke up in enough time to get EVEN more playing in.

For his "real" birthday, I took the kids to the donut shop in the morning, deliver cupcakes to his classmates, then after school we went to the Great American Cookie company for afternoon treats. Then home to open presents. He loved his superhero cape and mask we got him (look at first picture of post), then ice cream after dinner. Getting him to go to bed that night was hard.. with all that sugar!!

I love seeing him so happy on his birthday and all the time really.. he has been through so much and is always so happy (well a few tantums here and there), he is such a happy child who loves to play, smile, give hugs and kisses (and even sometimes lick you), loves his big sister more than anything, loves to cuddle and watch movies, loves to SWING adn go higher and higher!

Happy 3rd Birthday Colin! Blowing out the candles

Everyone, even the adults had fun in this

Jumping with sissy before the guest arrive
What a mess.. must mean the cake and ice cream were really good

Opening presents

Colin loves his spiderman shirt grandma got him
Taking a little nap with his new toy while the party is still going on. Poor kiddo, just wore himself out
Trying to get them all to pose was hard
I am now Batman!
Back to spiderman.. thank you Uncle Russell & Aunt Lara
Love this picture! Colin was getting ready for school and this is what he picked out. I did make him put on clothes ;)

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