Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter 2012 - A little late.. but hey we have been busy!

Finally catching up enough to post on our Easter. We had a great Easter weekend. Good Friday we took off and had a day trip going to see the bluebonnets and taking the kids for their first trip to Texas A&M. Those pictures are in two posts below.

Saturday Katherine had a soccer game. She has been doing really well at soccer. We are halfway through the season now. She has scored 2 goals and has assisted in about 4 goals. She is getting really good at being more competitive, getting in there and fighting for the ball. A few times she had got in the huddle, fought for the ball, was able to turn it around, pass to an open teammate to score. At first she was upset about not scoring more, but Matt and I have been explaining to her that passing to an open team member to score is just as good, even better. That soccer is a team sport and that defense and assisting in a point are just as important.
Saturday after the soccer game we dyed Easter Eggs. This year we got a Tie-Dye kit, so we did some regular eggs and some cool ones too. It was all fun and games until the end when Colin spilt the green coloring all over the tile and the grout. Luckily it came up real easy and we were done with the eggs. Saturday night once the kids were asleep the "Easter Bunny" came and filled up the Easter baskets with goodies and hide eggs in the backyard with flashlights.
The kids were thrilled when they woke up that morning to see their baskets, get their goodies, and hunt for eggs. Katherine is such an amazing big sister, she got her eggs and helped out Colin so they could have an equal amount. She does really love him so! That afternoon Matt's parents came over for more Easter baskets and some lunch. Then later on we went to a friends house so all the kids could have an Easter Egg Hunt with their friends, then to top it off, my brother and his family came over that evening for more Easter baskets and treats!!

We have a great Easter weekend. Colin also told me on Easter that "Jesus has risen". I told him he was right and I talked with the kids about the real reason we celebrate Easter. Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice for us, and we are truly thankful for that.

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