Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A wonderful spring trip - Bluebonnets everywhere!!

We decided to take advantage of our three day weekend and make a day trip out of town. We headed towards College Station (Texas A&M where Matt and I went to college and met). One the way we stopped to take pictures in the bluebonnets, a great Texas springtime tradition. Bluebonnets only bloom once a year along with the other wildflowers, it makes for such a pretty sight and great backdrop for pictures. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the field of flowers, I even got them to pose a few times. The weather was perfect for a day trip, clear blue skies and only about 80 degrees.
She loves him so much
Playing in the bluebonnets
As Texas as can be with her Aggie gear and the bluebonnetsTrying not to step on the flowersAfter bluebonnet pictures, we headed to College Station (aka.. Katherine calls it - Where the Aggies live). This is the first time we have taken the kids there. Katherine wanted to go inside the dorms and classrooms, glad she is taking an interest already. Behind the alumni center is a large Aggie ring, Katherine just had to stop there since it was just like mommy's ring :). We took them to the bookstore and they picked out their own Aggie shirts & hats. That's why you will notice in some bluebonnet pictures they have nice clothes then some in Aggie clothes. We did one set of bluebonnets before our visit to A&M and the other after our visit to A&M.

We then took them over to Northgate for a few photo ops outside of some of our favorite bars, even having them playing dominos in The Dixie Chicken.. a great Aggie tradition. I tried to get them to take a cute photo in Bottle Cap Alley where Matt and I had our first kiss (literally an ally full of bottle caps between 2 bars), but the kids had no interest in that.

It was a beautiful day and nice to get out of town and just enjoy each others company, great weather, and of course the bluebonnets.