Thursday, September 13, 2012

Relaxation in the Hill Country & Boat Trip on Lake Travis, Austin TX

This past weekend, we were lucky to get to get away from town (yet again) and go to my sister-in-law's parents' house outside of Austin, TX on Lake Travis. Due to the drought, the arm of the lake they are on have dried up. The picture above shows the dried up section where just a few years ago 12 feet of water stood. At the beginning of the summer they had about 2-3 feet, now it's completely dry. 

On our way to Austin, we stopped in Bastrop to say a quick hello to Matt's friend Tim, they have been friends since they were kids. While driving through Austin, I told Katherine that this is where the Longhorns live.. her response.. "Booooo Longhorns!". Yep that's my Aggie in the making.. WHOOP!

We got to the property about 8pm, but that didn't stop the kids from playing until 11pm! We had to make them go to bed, as we had a big day planned ahead.. a day out on a boat on Lake Travis. My kids have only been on a boat inside a store or at a boat show, now on actual water, so they were super super excited! 

It started off being a little chilly as a cool front came into Texas on Friday night (it cooled off Austin from 103 degrees to about 89.. loved it). But the sun came out and the wind died down and it was a beautiful day! The kids BOTH got to learn how to drive the boat and got to "drive" (hold the steering wheel) by themselves of a few seconds, we went fishing (didn't catch anything this time), swam, had a picnic on the boat, and the kids even all took naps while we were riding around.

After the boat ride, we went back to the property to watch the A&M game and let the kids play outside. All of them were having so much fun. My nephew opened his birthday presents from us, he was celebrating his 2nd birthday, can't believe he is 2 already. Everyone was having a great day.. until about 6pm, when Katherine came down with a stomach ache and a low grade fever. So she was in bed most of the evening, only came out to sing Kannon happy birthday and watch him blow out his candles.

So Sunday morning we got up and came back home pretty early since Katherine was not feeling well. Ends up it was just a small viral infection and she was better by Tuesday. I am just so glad she got to have fun Friday and most of Saturday and she got to enjoy the boat ride! We had a great fun relaxing weekend with my brother and his family. I am glad we are able to share those memories with them!
Uncle Russell teaching Colin to drive the boat
Katherine driving the boat and having a BLAST doing it!
Colin driving the boat and mad at me for breaking his concentration for a picture!
She gave the boat ride a "thumbs up"!
They loved going fast and letting the wind hit their face!
Aunt Lara and Kannon fishing
Colin fishing
Throwing rocks in the lake is the best part for Colin & Kannon
Katherine LOVES to swim!
The boys cooling off in the lake
Kannon LOVES chips!!!
Katherine and I chillin on the back of the boat
Lake Travis
Beautiful views all day
Colin taking a little nap
Katherine passed out!
Kannon asleep at the wheel!

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