Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Road Trip and a Bear with Half a Heart

We had a fun Labor Day weekend trip to the Dallas/Forth Worth area.. which is about a 4 hr drive from our house. We first met up with some of my college friends from Texas A&M. We met for lunch and got to meet each others kids (our future Aggies!) We all met in the dorms our freshman year.. which I am shocked was 15 years ago (I can't believe it 's been that long.. and somehow I got that OLD!) There was about 15 of us that hung out together, so we got about a 1/3 of the group together. It's been way too long and we need to make more of an effort to get up there. 
 Katherine liked the restaurant because the waitresses did line dancing. Katherine got right up there and was trying to learn with them to the song "Boot Scootin Boogie". After lunch we drove to go stay with our friends who lived in our neighborhood that just moved up there this summer. Katherine and Keira have been friends since Katherine was 2 years old. So it has been an adjustment to have Keira move 4 hours away.

They also have a son who is only 3 weeks older than Colin, so the boys have been hanging out since they were babies. Colin has missed his best friend Liam.. though they can fight like brothers.. but they do love each other! We had lots of fun swimming in the pool, going to Build-A-Bear, watching movies, going out to eat, and lots and lots of playing. I just wish that they didn't have to move so far, the whole family has missed them. But we had a great visit and will be back so we can do MORE things once the weather cools off some! We are not going to let a 4 hr drive keep us from seeing our friends!

We left their house Monday mid-morning and got back on the road, this time took 4.5 house due to a lot more bathroom breaks. Neither one of the kids took a nap in the car, so it was a long 4.5 hrs. I am glad we got to spend the weekend seeing all sorts of friends. But the drive does kind of suck :)

Keira (4.5yrs) and Katherine (almost 4)

Katherine (Age 6) and Keira (Age 7)

My bartender at the pool
Colin taking a little break from swimming and pouring my drinks
Colin and Liam having their slumber party
All the kids are excited about Build-A-Bear! We did not tell them to hold hands, they did that one their own
Colin's bear has a very special heart just like him. We gave the bear half a heart. I know the guy looked at me funny when I asked him to cut it, so then we had to explain Colin's heart.
Colin giving the bear his special heart.
Katherine heart of gold for her animals, just like hers!
All 4 of them watching tv in the tent. 
Someone is trying to turn Katherine into an OSU fan.. but we bleed Maroon!!

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