Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer 2012 Recap

With the first day of fall being this Saturday, I thought it would be a great time to do a summer recap. We had a very busy fun filled summer this year. In the Spring we thought Colin would be having surgery, but we found out beginning of June that it wouldn't be until next summer, so we LIVED it up since next summer might not get to be as exciting. We had so much family fun.. I just LOVE summer and all things summer related. Maybe because I am a summer baby :)

So here it goes.. Eyring Summer 2012 (well from May until now):
- 8 t-ball games.. Never again will we do summer t-ball.. too darn hot! But we had fun with our friends!
- 7 road trips.. that's right 7, our tour of Texas this year (Fredericksburg area, College Station, New Braunfels twice, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Cat Springs). We had lots of time bonding in the car and make a whole lot of great memories!!!
- 6 beach trips.. oh how we LOVE the beach.. except when there are dead fish everywhere. But we had fun learning how to catch the waves on our boogie boards!
- 6 splash days at the pool- Katherine is swimming so well this summer!
- 6 parties (birthday parties and dinner parties) including Katherine's luau for her 6th birthday.
- 4 slumber parties
- 3 trips to a waterpark – 2 with the kids.. once just for the adults :)
- 3 days playing on the Guadalupe river – the kids LOVED the river. Can't wait to take them every year. Already starting to think about our river trip for early next summer before Colin's surgery.
- 2 times fishing – Colin caught 9 fish the first time, no luck the second time.
- 2 Matt & Jennifer's Day O Fun -- where we take off work but take the kids to daycare and we go hang out and go have adult drinks (with umberallas)
- 1 fireworks display – lots of Ooohhhs and Awwweees
- 1 July 4th parade
- 1 cave exploring trip – Cave without a name.. it was beautiful
- 1 choo choo train ride
- 1 paddle boat ride
- 1 real boat ride on Lake Travis – rides first time on a boat, they have already been asking to go back!
- 1 Kindergarten graduation – Go Katherine, so proud of you
- 1 trip to the country to ride a tractor and drive a golf cart
- 1 heart catheterization (Colin's first and hopefully last for a long time)
- 1 echo (ultrasound of the heart)
- 1 meeting with the surgeon
- 1 A&M Baseball game – WHOOP! This was just a Matt & Jennifer trip.. thank off to our favourite bars
- 1 trip to the zoo
- 1 case of whiplash.. yes me on the rope swing into the river
- A very few lazy days.. as you can tell from above
- Lots of sno cones, ice cream, popsicles
It was a great summer. Loved every minute of it with my family and friends. Can't wait to see what the falls brings us.. soccer games, A&M football, holidays, and even a possible road trip.

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