Thursday, October 4, 2012

A&M Football Game and LOTS of celebrating (aka.. drinking)!!!

Saturday we made our annual trip to Texas A&M for the A&M vs Arkansas game. The game was an early game (11:00am). Matt and I left at 7:00am and the weather was not nice, it stormed the whole 1 1\2 hour drive. We met up with my brother and his wife and another couple we are friends with for an adult day and night. 

The kids went and stayed with Matt's parents for the day & night.  Katherine noticed Friday night that after I packed their bag, Matt was packing a bag for us. She got upset that.. not that we were going to a football game, she was upset we were staying at a hotel WITHOUT her! Then she realized we were going to miss her soccer game and she started crying.. she said it wasn't "special" if we weren't there to cheer her on. So she asked to sleep in our bed with us to make it up to her.. how COULD I say no, she made my heart melt when she cried. OF course after all that her game was rained out!

So I digress, Matt and I were the first ones up to A&M at 9:00am, so what else to do then hit the bars! Northgate is a strip of bars across from campus with about 15 bars (throughout the day we made it to 8 or 9, but more on that later!). 

Matt and I pre-drinks at 9:00am before the rest of the group showed up.

Once Lara, Russell, Robin, and DJ arrived, we went to bar #2, a shot bar, and had a good amount of drinks and shots. After this we walked across the campus for the football game, all these drinks made the walk a little fuzzy! The game was awesome, we beat Arkansas 58 to 10. We even left during early in the 4th quarter to go back to Northgate. The weather was not pretty BUT we stayed mostly dry, only one big down pour.. it could have been a lot worse!

We got back to Northgate at 3:00pm... the plan was just to have a few drinks then check into the hotel, clean up, go eat dinner, then go back out.. WELL after some drinks the NEW plan was just to make it to dark then check into the hotel and call it an early night.. WELL what REALLY happened was we kept drinking, drinking, bar hoping, drinking, bar hoping, meeting drunk people, more drinking.. we didn't call it quits until 11:00pm. Needless to say it was a VERY INTERESTING and VERY FUN night, full of unicorns, chapped lips, guys walking in circles, taco trucks, punching bags, alligators, sunrises and lots of inside jokes (sorry this will only make sense to those who were there!)

Matt and I in Bottle Cap Alley, where we had our first kiss.. yes it's an alley between 2 bars filled with bottle caps.. how romantic.
FUN FUN times were had by all.. so MUCH fun SUNDAY sucked! Matt slept most the way back the next day, my brother and sister and law looked a little rough. :) Matt said he is not doing all that drinking again.. well maybe not until NEXT year!!! Keep scrolling down to see all the funny pictures!!
By 9:30am it was off to the shot bar, flaming Dr. Peppers.. what a way to start the day
Go Russell. CHUG CHUG.. Like when you were 21!
Matt taking another pre-game shot
Matt and DJ toasting to the day.. yes it's only 10am at this point.
Breakfast of champions!
Luckily the rain held off for the most part, it did down pour for about 10 minutes, then the sun came out
This was 8:30pm.. 5 1\2 hours after returning to the bars
What is Russell talking about????
Something must have been funny!! Of course after all the drinks.. ANYTHING was funny!!!

Matt was pretty quite on the die home Sunday.. wonder why???


SunSonSunshine said...

Poor mistreated Matt!

Lara Bynum said...

Just reading that had me cracking up! We did have A LOT of fun! Can't wait until next year....