Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let the Pictures do the talking.. and yes, I am actually in some of them

Figured I would let the pictures really show you what we have been up to lately!

Me and the kid ready to watch the Aggies! Whoop! Got to train them early.
Still pool time here in Texas and the kids are loving playing with Grandma and Grandpa in the pool
So tired from the pool, this is how I found them, they were watching a movie
Everyone loves snocones. Best $20 spent at Target on the snocone maker.
Look at that determination! Go Colin.
She's a pro!
Friday night soccer practice.. yes Friday nights as a parent, cheering on soccer practice!
Everyone loves watermelon.. too bad it's not loaded with calories!
My nephew..look at those eyes!
Colin is all superheros rolled into one,, Captain America, Thor, Batman, and not pictured Spiderman undies.
Sharing Cotton Candy
LOVES LOVES to Swing for HOURS!This is his HAPPY PLACE!
She made a "Girls Club" and it was snack time
Flowers are blooming in the backyard
Swim birthday party
The whole family eating breakfast with Katherine at school, she was so happy!
Trying to get Colin to gain weight :) He has gained a whole pound this month!
Corporate Responsibility day with my work, planting trees along the Bayou downtown
Earned some nice frosty beverages after all the hard work

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