Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Break Part 1 - Trip to Fort Worth, Rainforest, and a missing tooth

We have so much going on over the Thanksgiving break, I decided to blog about the first half now. I luckily had enough time off to take the whole week off with the kids. We started our holiday off with a trip to Fort Worth to go see our friends who moved up there this summer (it's a 4.5 hr drive, but the kids did pretty good on the long trip). We had an action packed two days. We arrived Friday night and got to hang out and visit, while the kids went crazy playing. 

Saturday we got up and went to the Fort Worth zoo, it is so pretty and BIG. It took us 4.5 hours to go through most of it, some of it we had to skip through. Katherine loved the exhibit where we got to feed the birds. Colin loved the alligators the most. I think it was a big success! After the zoo, we went to the Fort Worth stockyards to see the cattle drive and do some shopping and some dancing to the live country band playing. 

Sunday we went to Legoland, Katherine LOVED it, Colin was so so on it. I think some of the rides he was just not sure about. BUT he loved racing the Lego cars down the ramp. Katherine loved the 4D movie, singing Karaoke, and DRIVING the Lego cars. After Legoland, we took the kids to Build-AB ear for the Christmas ones (expect Liam who wanted a camo bear). We had such a good visit,  we miss the Madl family very much, but we are lucky they let us come stay with them. After Build a bear, we had to take off for Houston, we grabbed a bite to eat, but I think Colin was so warn out, he didn't get a chance to eat it all. When he woke up hours later, he wanted he shake.. oooppps.. mommy drank it! I think that means it was a very successful trip, Colin had sooo much fun, he just plain passed out!

Yesterday we had a great day at Moody Gardens in Galveston. We went through the rain forest and the aquarium. We were excited that Aunt Lara and Kannon could join us for a fun filled day. We had so much fun that Katherine did not even notice when her tooth fell out, so she wrote the tooth fairy a note and drew a picture about how she lost her tooth, no worry, the tooth fairy still left her money! Colin LOVED the sharks and the big drum. Katherine loved watching the bats eat their fruit and getting to get real close to the monkey. We were lucky to also meet up with an old friend of mine and have a nice visit. It was such a GREAT day. So far we have had a blast for our Thanksgiving break.. but more to COME! We have Thanksgiving at Matt's parents house then off to Austin for a few days to see my family for the holiday.. so another blog post to come!!

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sunshine said...

my, I will have a hard time keeping them entertained now!!! What fun!!