Thursday, November 8, 2012

Out of breath trick or treater, day out in the country, and a GOAL!!!

We had a great Halloween this year. Katherine was a beautiful movie star, Colin was superman, and I even dressed up as a 1920's flapper. Though I almost didn't make Halloween since I had the stomach flu the few days before it. But I mustered enough strength up to go trick or treating. We met up with some friends in our neighborhood and went with a big group of kids. Katherine and Colin had a blast RUNNING from one house to the next for more candy! After about 20 minutes, Colin started huffing and puffing, you can tell that was all the energy he had. Matt and I switched off carrying from house to house after that. At one point his bucket was so heavy, Colin looked at me and said "I am done, I have too much candy, it's too heavy, can you carry my bucket too?" Poor sweet kiddo just can't keep up, it's another reminder about the daily struggles he faces as we get ready for his upcoming surgery. 

This past weekend Katherine had a slumber party on Friday night, Colin was sad when he realized he was not spending the night. About 2 hours after I dropped her off, Colin was very sad, he wanted sissy to come back home so they could play, her missed her already! Saturday Katherine had a soccer game where she scored her FIRST goal of the year! It has been an adjustment to moving up to the bigger fields, she is just now getting the hang of the bigger fields just as the season is ending.
After the soccer game, we went to Matt's aunt's house to celebrate the life of his grandma who passed away last month. Before she passed, the family was planning her 80th birthday party and they decided to go ahead with the party in her honor. It was great to see all the extended family and spend the day with them eating good food, playing on the tractors, running around, watching A&M win, and playing on the tractors (I did say it twice because the kids literally spent 4 hours taking turns riding them and having races). Colin was glued to the tractor! Katherine had fun with Jack climbing fences and playing with the dogs, and well just being a kid and getting dirty. It was a great day. When we left, we passed a HUGE rainbow in the sky, we even pulled the car over to take a picture because it was so pretty. I think it was a great sign that Matt's grandma is still with us.

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