Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Break - Part 2.. A wonderful Thanksgiving with lots to be thankful for AND a weekend family trip to Austin to go hiking

Okay the continuation of our busy but amazing Thanksgiving break. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Matt's parents house. This year, as always, we have been so blessed and so so many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for Katherine, Colin, Matt, our very supportive families, a group of friends that we have fun with but can also rely on, a career for a great company, Texas Children's hospital, the support from our heart family network, a beautiful home, fun family trips, time spent cherishing my loved ones, oh and not to forget.. A great season for my Aggies!! 
I did learn that turkey has the opposite effect on my kids. they were HYPER after we ate or maybe it was all the ore balls I made and they seemed to LOVE! 

Our two turkeys on Thanksgiving

Our 2 daughters :)
Katherine and her cousin Copper, he is 2 months and is almost bigger than her
Colin flexing, showing us his muscles
Yummy.. Oreo balls

Friday morning we got up early.. not to shop on Black Friday, but to meet my family up pin Austin for the weekend for hiking, BBQ'ing, and quality family time. This make our 3rd trip to Austin this fall, it is such a pretty place to be, so may pretty things. Though after this trip, we are taking a little break, I figured in 6 months, we did 8 road trips.. ready for some down time!

Colin wanted to swim so bad, convinced him it was way too cold!
Katherine and Kannon ready to go exploring

So the fun part of the day was putting sticks in the water

Daddy helping Colin over the water
Love this picture!
What a pretty hike

Katherine named this "Katherine's fall"

The boys just had to climb this
More waterfalls and double at that

The larger waterfall of the day

Grandma and the grand kids

So sad to see lake home with no lake
Katherine climbing a tree with grandpa
Pretty girl

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