Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning, Kind of Walking, & Tummy Bug

Our goal this weekend was Spring Cleaning! We cleaned out junk drawers. We cleaned out our closets, I am proud to say I got rid of a lot of clothes that were too big! I am back down to my pre-Colin weight, which was less that pre-Katherine. Our big project was weeding the back yard that was OVERTAKEN by weeds! Of course in the 3 freezes, I lost a lot of plants, but the weeds had remained. Our poor backyard was VERY ignored last year with everything going on with Colin, we maintained our front yard, but the back yard suffered a great deal. This was just stage one of getting the backyard nice again. Colin hung out in his play pen while we pulled weeds.
Saturday we went out for lunch, went to the park, and went out for ice cream. We brought down Katherine’s old toy that you can walk behind. Colin loved it; he grabbed on and started walking. He did really well; he just needs more balance, once he can figure that out, he will be off on his own.

As a child, I loved to swing and sing. I think Katherine takes after me!

Saturday night, Katherine wouldn’t eat dinner, then came down with a tummy bug and got sick all over our bed (of course) and all on the floor. Poor kid, but she did so well. Really didn’t cry or fuss about it. Would throw up then continue playing. Luckily Sunday she was over it.

Sunday we picked more weeds, went shopping, and my parents took Katherine to the park for a little while. Colin and I took advantage of her time away and took naps!
Colin was caught already up on stair step #1, going for #2, we will be putting all the gates up now!!!!!!!!!

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