Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Happened to Spring?

This weekend we got yet another cold front that brought us rain, good thing were weren’t in Dallas, they got SNOW in MID- MARCH!
So we went from last weekend getting sunburn to this weekend staying in doors mostly.

Early Saturday morning, Colin woke up, so we put him in bed with us. He was crawling around looking for a pillow and smashed his head into my ear. I had to go to the doctor, my ear is swollen on the inside and I have to use drops to help reduce the swelling. Guess he hit me just in the right spot.
Saturday we ran some errands before the rain hit. We went to Party City to get decorations for Colin’s 1st Birthday! Katherine LOVES that place. So many things to try on, play with, and get into! She loved the Luau section, so at some point we have to throw a luau party. We even came home with some leas!

Saturday night Matt made homemade lasagna AND Blackberry Cobbler! Yummy! For Christmas we got the Pioneer Woman cookbook and have had a lot of fun trying out the recipes. Katherine didn’t want to try the blackberry cobbler, but she did eat ½ a pint of the left over blackberries, so I guess that’s better than eating the cake!

Sunday we meet up with Katherine’s two friends and their moms at the indoor moonwalk place. The girls had a blast! Chasing after each other, on & off the bouncies, down the slides. Colin and I got tired watching her. There is a play area for babies, so Colin got to get down and play with some kids too. Colin was in there pushing around a play shopping cart. One guy, who had humongous twins (8 moths old and 21 pounds each), told me how amazed he was with how well Colin was walking and pushing the cart around. He said to me "What amazing leg strength he has for a baby his age, he's about 7 months right?" My reply "Thank you, but he will be a year old in two weeks, he's just a little small for his age" Guy "Oh, well that's okay he’s small".
At that point I just smiled, I think he just didn't know what else to say, but why was he telling me it's okay that Colin is small?. I think he was just trying to get his foot out of his mouth ;)

Colin still had an ear infection when we went to the doctor last week. We are on the final trial of a new antibiotic, then we will have to see about getting tubes in his ears. As of yesterday, Colin is off propanolal, it’s a beta blocker that helps regulate heartbeats. After his first surgery (when he was 2 weeks old), Colin had an episode of his heart rate getting really fast, so they put him on propanolol. Colin is now almost a year and has not had an episode since then. They have weaned his doses down, now we are going to go without it for 2 weeks then at his next check-up they will determine if he really needs it.
He is back on reflux, but a very, very low dose. When we stopped it completely he spit up a few times and was fighting the bottle. So we are giving him less than half of what he used to take. He is eating so well, we will just continue for another month, and try to wean him off of it some more.

Also HAPPY 1st Birthday to Elle. Elle and Colin had their first heart surgeries on the same day and their second was one week apart! She has done so well over the past year. She is such a blessing and a happy baby!


Lisha said...

I saw the last picture and the first thing I thought of was "two little monkeys jumping on the bed!" Thanks for the b-day shout out! Praising the Lord for these precious kiddos we were blessed with!

Jennifer said...

Katherine is a notorious bed jumper! She even has a pretty purple sign in her room that says "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"
But Colin loves it so when she does it. So we traded one bad habit for her brother's happiness :)
We are very blessed with our children. Hope Elle has a great first birthday! Minus the fever!

Elaine said...

What a precious family! Looks like a great weekend to me...less the ear headbutt!!! Yall have fun this weekend in College Station. Say hi to Northgate for me.

Jillian said...

You have two very adorable kiddos! :)