Monday, March 29, 2010

Return to Aggieland

Matt and I got a little bit of much needed Matt and Jennifer time; it’s nice to be Matt & Jennifer and not daddy and mommy just for a little while. We meet up with friends on Saturday at A&M to relive the “glory days”. This year has been a year full of ups and downs, but our family and friends have helped us through it.
We met up with my friends that I met in the dorm in 1997, yes, 13 years ago. There were 9 of us girls that made friends that freshman year, and we are friends to this day. Yes, friendships have changed over the years, but they all remain my friends. We were lucky to get 6 our the 9 of us, missing one that just had a baby, one that had to work a track meet, and the other is in the middle of moving.

It was a beautiful day in College Station. We met up for lunch at Fitzwilly’s .. yum, for some burgers and drinks, the off to the famous Dixie Chicken. We spent the afternoon looking at all the old places we lived and remembering good old times. Matt and I walked on the campus a little and went by the dorm I lived in freshman year. We went inside the common living area (it was 2 girls dorms and two boys dorms connected together). The kids there looked SO YOUNG! Hard to believe we were once that young!

We met up with the group for a nice dinner, and of course more drinks. At this point, it’s 6pm and I have not stopped drinking since noon. Can’t remember the last time I did that! Then off again to Northgate. We hung out at a really cool rooftop bar, then off to the Dry Bean for some shots and Flaming Dr. Peppers, the to the Chicken for a few hands of 42, then to Mad Hatters, then to a new bar, can’t remember the name (guess it was the drinks and shots)!

At 12:30pm, we had reached our limit and caught the cab ride back to the hotel. Though it was still early, we got there really early (because we are old)! Total that day we spent 10 hours at Northgate! A lot harder to do at 30 than 20!

Sunday we got up, hung over, hit Whataburger at 8:30am for some greasy hamburgers to soak what alcohol was left in our system. We picked up the kids at Matt’s parents and headed home. We were lucky that Matt’s parents wore out the kids and they slept for almost two hours, so we got to take much needed hangover naps as well.

Katherine and Colin had a great time while we were away. They went to their cousin’s softball game and went to the park. Katherine asked Matt when we picked them up. Why did you leave us?, he asked if she had fun, she said yes, she just wanted to know why we weren’t there. Saturday before we got to Matt’s parents she started getting upset that we were going to leave, when Matt’s mom mentioned watching Morgan play softball, Katherine turned to me and said “It’s okay Mommy, you and Dad need to go now!” As she is pushing me out the door.

It was a great weekend with friends! A&M will always be special in my heart. It’s not just where I lived out my college days, but where I met my friends, and where I met Matt. To me that town represents the amazing life I have with my husband and my kids, without being there, I wouldn’t be here where I belong.
Where Matt and I had our first kiss.. Bottle Cap Alley.


Jenny Lincoln said...

How fun!!! My husband and I are getting out of town for a night coming up pretty soon and I'm looking forward to it! Glad you had such a good time! :) :)

Lisha said...

fun fun fun! I love re-living the glory days with good friends! be young again!

Windshield Wayne said...

That top picture is really good but all the girls look good. So, is the flaming Dr. Peppers just an Aggie thing? Don't think I've seen them anywhere else.

Jillian said...

It looks like you had a great time! :)