Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day & start of Katherine's Birthday Bash!

We had a very celebratory weekend. Friday, Katherine got to skip school and go see Toy Story 3 and got to lunch with my mom and Lara. Then she got to go swimming and eat at her favorite restaurant, Golden Coral (she likes variety!).
Saturday we went over to Russell's house for part Father's Day celebration, part Katherine's birthday. My parents were planning to be out of town traveling on Katherine's birthday (that's up in the air now). We brought over lasagna that Katherine helped Matt make. We had a nice dinner and Russell had set up a splash area for the kids in the back yard with a slip-n-slide and a water spray ball. They of course had a lot of fun, everybody enjoyed the slip-n-slide, even PaPa Wayne!
Katherine got her first big girl bike, clothes (which I was excited about), and caterpillars! For months now, Katherine has seen this commercial about having your own caterpillars and watch them grow into butterflies, and she has bugged me about having them, so Russell got them for her birthday. So we have I think 10 new members of our family. This will be a fun project! Katherine really picked up well on riding her bike and surprisingly is doing well on steering all by herself! Sunday we got up and tried the new donut shop by our house for Father's Day. Katherine gave Matt the card and presents she made for him at school. Then we headed over to Matt's parents house for Father's Day. The kids got to go swimming in the pool and have water gun fights, we had a nice lunch, then back home to take a NAP! This week will be a little busy getting everything ready for Katherine's Birthday party this Saturday. She is SUPER excited. We are having a water play day, with slip-n-slides, water guns, water balloons, and sprinklers. I can't believe she is turning 4! She is such a big girl now!

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Jenny Lincoln said...

Ok, first of all that picture (the first one) is the most adorable picture of Katherine and Colin! It's so great! I love it. Yea for Katherines big party~ it's the same day as Aly's. Can't wait to see pictures!!