Monday, June 28, 2010

Katherine's 4th Birthday Party

Saturday was a big day in our house, it was Katherine's 4th Birthday party. We set up water balloons, water guns, a slide-n-slide, a sprinkler ball, and kiddy pool. We had 12 kids all together.

The morning was spent getting the house ready and getting the backyard set up. When the first kids got there, they wanted to play inside with Katherine's toys, we had to shoo them out to go play. Once they got out there, they had a blast. One even told me it was the best birthday party they have ever been to!
They were all running around the backyard, in and out of the pool, down the slip-n-slide, water gun fights. It was exhausting to watch!
Luckily our backyard in the early morning and afternoon has nice shade, so the kids didn't get too hot.

For lunch we ordered PIZZA, YUM! We had enough leftover, we actually had it for dinner the next two nights :). After pizza, we sang Happy Birthday and had Katherine's pink and purple Scooby Doo cake and ice-cream. Then is was present time! Katherine got a lot of cool gifts that she played with all weekend long. She had a very fun party with her friends. When each kid they left they got a goody bag and got to take a water gun home with them, they were all very excited about that.

Colin crashed once everyone left, Katherine just kept going and going and going. NO NAP for her, she partied from 6am to 9pm. I kept thinking she was going to fall asleep, but they she would break out a new toy and play with that. She was just sooo excited all day long!Sunday was a nice lazy day around the house, Saturday was so filled with excitement, so it was nice to veg out! Katherine's butterflies started hatching, we are up to 6 now. She loves to talk with them, she was showing them how to flap their wings to fly, naming them. We are going to set them free this week, not sure how she is going to take that, but we have explained to her the whole time, that we keep them for a little while, then they have to go be butterflies outside, and they will come visit us :)
This Wednesday is Katherine's real birthday, I am taking the day off with her to take her either to the beach or aquarium depending on the weather.

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Jenny Lincoln said...

How fun! I didn't know that Katherine and Aly have the same birthday!! How crazy is that? Glad everything went well! It looks like she had a blast. :)