Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day, Wedding Anniversary, and Summer Fun

We had a very nice, relaxing weekend. Saturday we spent the day at my parent's pool, it was a nice hot day for the pool. We grilled hot dogs & sausage, and had a picnic outdoors.
Sunday morning we started off with a trip to the donut shop, who knew it would be so much fun! The kids loved going and picking out their donuts. Then off to the park before it got too hot. There was a group of kids there, Katherine wanted them to play with her so bad, but they weren't very friendly (sometimes she is OVERLY friendly, I think she scares off shy kids). So she had to settle for us! :)

Sunday afternoon Matt's parents came over and watched the kids so that Matt and I could go out and celebrate our wedding anniversary - 7 years on Monday! We went and saw Iron Man 2 - very entertaining and went to our favorite local pizza joint, for some drinks and good pizza! Time has really flown by - 7 years already! It has been a great 7 years, we have 2 wonderful kids, a nice place to call home, great jobs that allow us to spend time together (it wasn't always that way), we have seen some hard times - but it has made us stronger as a couple and a family, we have had many many of laughs, and I can honestly say I love him more now than I did 7 years ago.

Monday, I took Katherine to my parents pool for a little while, Colin was taking a nap. Then after lunch, we set up the slide n slide.. The kids had a blast! It was Colin first time on it.

We got to catch up on movies this weekend, we rented Crazy Heart (which I LOVED) and Valentine's Day (which was very cute). Colin is walking more and more each day. I think this weekend he walked about 50% of the time, he will still crawl if he wants to get somewhere fast! But he is getting better about standing up, walking, and when he falls, standing up again and walking some more.

Katherine wanted to ride her bike, but she didn't have any clothes on (we just got done with slip n slide), so she ran upstairs to put on an outfit, this is what she came up with as her riding attire:

She has a great sense of humor!


Jenny Lincoln said...

She is so funny in her princess dress riding her bike. I was laughing looking at your slip and slide pictures.. Is she sitting on his head in one of them? :) Too cute... Happy Anniversary, glad you had a chance to get out with your hubby. Thank goodness for grandparents, right? :)

Parents: David and Melissa Smith said...

Hi Jennifer, So glad to hear from another "heart" mom.. I would love to chat more after reading your blog. I'll leave my email if/when you get a chance. Looks like Colin is hitting some big milestones!!! So exciting.

mom to Caden - HLHS 14 mo.