Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls Night Out, Retirement Party, and Dress Like Daddy Day

Friday night I met up for a Girls Night Out with some girlfriends from high school. It had been a long time since we all have been around each other, though sad that one person could not make it, hopefully next time she will be able to. We had some drinks(which they thought I didn't have enough - OKAY I AM A LIGHT WEIGHT) and fun catching up on old times, the present, and everything in between. It's great that I even though we have not hung out in awhile, the conversations pick up as if no time had passed. We will defiantly do it again soon and not let as much time pass.
Saturday we had my mom's retirement Luau pool party and cookout. We went over to my parents, swam in the pool for a few hours. Katherine has gotten really good at swimming, thank you mom and Uncle Russell for teaching her. She wanted to play with the older girls (about 7 or 8yrs old) at the pool, she swam over an introduced herself and asked if they wanted to play, and they just ignored her and swam off. I understand being 8 not wanting to play with a 4 year old, I just hate that Katherine is so friendly and some kids just won't even look or talk to her. She is a sensitive kid and gets her feelings hurt.. "Why don't they like me". That breaks my heart. Anyways, we had fun swimming, Colin had fun "jumping" into the pool (stepping off the ledge into your arms) and walking around throwing things into the pool. We had a nice fajita dinner with pico de gallo, beans, and Russell and Lara brought yummy cupcakes. My parents are going on their travels in a week. They will be gone most of the summer retuning sometime in August. We all are going to miss them VERY much! I am not sure what Katherine is going to do without Sunshine (that's what she calls my mom) and Colin will go through PaPa Wayne withdrawals.
Sunday was a lazy day, we hung around the house, I cleaned out toys (we have way too many and with Katherine's birthday we will be getting even more), and Colin got his first big boy haircut! He was fine the first half, then it turned into a scream fest! Sunday night we had movie night. Katherine first picked out Tinker bell, but Matt convinced her that Finding Nemo would be better, I think Matt is Tinkerbelled out! We had popcorn and ice cream. This morning at school was Dress Like Daddy Day - in honor of Father's Day this Sunday. Colin was easy, I dressed him in Khaki shorts (Matt's staple ) and a polo (another one of daddy' s staple clothing items). Katherine was a bit harder. We put her into her A&M shirt, because Daddy is an Aggie, and her chef's hat since Matt manages a restaurant. The flash made Colin's hair and eyebrows look really dark for some reason.
Oh and we have a FULL TIME WALKER, and as you can tell in the video ALWAYS wants to go OUT!

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