Friday, September 3, 2010

17 Months Update

This month Colin will start transitioning to the next level class at school, the two's room (18 months - almost 3). The director wanted to make sure we are ready for him to go, not because of his development, they feel he is a little ahead of some of his classmates that just moved up, but they were worried about his size. He is still small for his age.. I told her that Colin will be small for awhile, but I don't want to stop his learning development because he is ready for the two year old curriculum. Plus he beast up on his 4 year old sister, so I think he can hold his own!

He did get in trouble yesterday for biting two of his friends. They said he did not do it to be mean, but they think he has more teeth coming in, so they put teething gel on and he didn't bite afterwards. Colin is a rough and tumble boy.. He is a man's man. He likes to tackle, wrestle, climb, pounce. I think he will be fine in the two's!

Developmental updates:
- Weight - About 20 1/2 pounds. Big belly.. No baby fat rolls at all! His body is more of a toddler than baby. He has no baby fat, just a beer gut! :)
- Height - 29.5 inches.
- Lots of teeth, lost count, most of his teeth are in
- Runs everywhere!
- Says a few three word phrases.. I wanna go, I wanna snack, I go sleep
- School said yesterday he said a 4 word sentence.. I wanna go home.. But I haven't heard him say that.
- New words lately .. Doggie, kitty, seat (when he wants to eat in his hair chair)
- Says about 30 different words
- LOVES to eat, will try new food
- Favorite word: SNACK
- Still loves to cuddle, which I love!
- Loves to be his big sister's shadow, where she goes, he goes.
- Next cardiologist check up - September 29 - 6 months from his last appointment
We are so proud of Colin's development, love of life, and his happiness. We know each day is a blessing. I know there are going to be hard times ahead and we are just in a peaceful time right now. I get anxious thinking of his next surgery, how to communicate with him and Katherine was is going on. I know he will go through challenges in life and I hope as a family we can make those a little easier for him. He has made me appreciate life so much more.

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Lisha said...

Colin is sooo big! I just spent the last 30 minutes playing catch up and laughing at all the videos! He has come soo far! I am so excited to see what that little guy does next!