Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Shower, Mom coming home, Soccer Team

Saturday was my sister-in-law's baby shower for my soon to be nephew, Kannon Ethan! This has been a long pregnancy, with bed rest and anti-contraction medicines! But Saturday we got to celebrate the joy of Kannon most likely arriving at the end of this month! Lara was beautiful and Katherine had a great time helping open presents and helping herself to the candy bar! Colin stayed home with daddy for male bounding at Academy Sports and Outdoor! :)

Sunday afternoon we picked up my mom from the airport, she has been gone 2 months helping take care of my grandma who has been recently diagnosed with cancer. It has been a hard journey on all of us, but my mom has done a great job of being there, helping out everyday. She plans to be home this whole month to visit and meet Kannon when he comes.
I have missed her so much, but I think Katherine has missed her more. Katherine was so excited to see Sunshine (that's what she calls her, from the song "You are my sunshine") after this long break. That evening we had everyone over (except my dad who is still working oil clean up in the gulf) for dinner at our house with more cupcakes and candy from the shower.
My dad flew in last night for a few days off from work, so hopefully over the long weekend, we can squeeze in some family time.

Update on the kids:

- I officially became a soccer mom and LOVING IT! Katherine's 1st soccer game is Sept. 18th. We got our team assignments yesterday and start practice next week. Our neighborhood is a very large master planned community, we have 32 teams for Under 6, which Katherine is playing in. There are 6 kids on a team and Katherine is the only girl, but her friend Jacob is on the team. We asked her if she wanted to switch to a team with girls but she would not know anybody or stay on Jacob's team with the boys.. She chose to stay with the boys!

- I am so proud of Colin's speech. He is saying two 3 word phrases, I wanna go and I wanna snack. Colin is eating up a storm lately! Last night he had a very large section a watermelon, 2 strawberries, 2 slices of turkey, one slice of cheese, and about 1/4 cup mashed potatoes! Listen to the video and you can hear him say, I wanna go.. I couldn't get him to say anything else because he found that playing with a wrapper is WAY MORE FUN!

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