Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome Kannon Ethan & First soccer practice

My nephew, Kannon Ethan, was born early Sunday morning weighing at 5lbs 3 ounces. Not too bad for being 5 weeks early. We are just so happy that he is here and doing well. He is another miracle in our family. He is doing great and should be released out of the hospital in a couple of days. It was a long pregnancy for Lara, but well worth it. I got to hold him on Monday, he was so light and cuddly. Not like the 20 lb weight I have been hauling around lately. I think he is a good blend of Russell and Lara, though I see a little bit more of Russell in him. Can't wait until he gets out of NICU so I can hold him some more and Katherine is anxious to meet him and kiss him!

Kannon is at the same hospital, the same unit Colin was after he was diagnosed with HLHS. Kannon is just a few rows down from where Colin was before his first heart surgery. It was hard for me to go back into NICU Level 3, I have to admitt I got a little queasy. I don't feel that way about Cardiac ICU, the 15th floor where we lived for a month, Cardiology clinic, BUT NICU is hard for me because that's where we learned of Colin's special heart and there was so much confusion, sadness, uncertainty in our lives for the week we lived in NICU.
Katherine had her first soccer practice yesterday. When we were leaving, she had her shin guards, cleats, soccer shorts on BUT added a pink boa, pink sunglasses, two necklaces, a purple ring and bracelet. We had to break it to her that you can not wear all that while playing soccer! Matt took over coaching for the night, so I could wrangle Colin. Which Colin will be limited on soccer practices, he was mad he couldn't be out there with the big kids! Katherine is the only girl on her team, but she doesn't mind. Her friend Jacob is on the team, and at one time during drills, I could hear Matt telling Katherine and her and Jacob don't need to hold hands to dribble the ball down the field… oh how she keeps us laughing! Her first game is Saturday, this should be interesting!

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Elaine said...

Glad Kannon is doing well! I love that Katherine is the only girl! She looks like a natural soccer player :)