Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter has taken on a more special meaning for me in the last few years. There for awhile, I lost some of my faith. Through college, I had the carefree days and looking at other philosophies than Christianity. Though I always believed in God and Heaven, I doubted other aspects of religion. As I got older and became a mother, I felt something was missing, I realized I lost the faith that helped guide me. After Colin was born, I found my faith again, God was there to help shine the way through a very dark time.
I like the fact that Katherine and Colin go to a Christian based learning center. Katherine has come home telling us her bible stories. A few days before Easter, she told me Jesus was a jeb.. I asked you "You mean a Jew", she said "Yes that's what I said.. A jeb". Katherine told Matt and I the story of Holy Thursday, the Last Super, Good Friday, and Easter..for the most part she got the story right. I am very proud that she has taken an interest in learning about God and leading a better life. I am proud of the fact that she knows the real reason behind why we celebrate Easter. She also told me we must pray for all those who have less things than us. Her heart is really pure and I love that about her. The kids had so much fun dying eggs, hunting eggs (twice), and opening their Easter baskets. Colin really got into finding the eggs. Katherine was great at helping him find some and leaving the ones that were in plain sight for him. The Easter Bunny brought so much fun stuff like a bowling set and a ZuZu pet, and of course candy… which Colin has been obsessing about.. He even sneaked the stool over to the Easter Candy last night and was stuffing his face when I caught him. Colin looking guility after eating a marshmellow peep for breakfastAs much fun as Easter was this year, it was a tough one, the first one without my Grandma. Grandma loved Easter, she was a person of strong faith. I miss her very much. I was very close to my Grandma, talked with her almost every week. She was one of my biggest readers of my blog. As soon as I would post something, she always would send me an email about how much she enjoyed it. It was hard to call my grandpa's house on Easter knowing we were missing a very important person. I know he misses her so much, as we all do. I got the best present for Easter from my Aunt Marie. In the hospital, my Grandma had a blanket that stayed with her the whole time, every transfer, test, appointment she went to, the blanket went with her. My aunt took that blanket that kept Grandma warm and safe and turned it into pillows for all of us. I will ALWAYS treasure this special gift, a reminder of a beautiful soul.


Jenny Lincoln said...

I love this post! Katherine is just the sweetest thing. :) And I LOL'd at the picture of Colin with the peep for breakfast. That's too funny! I'm so glad your family had a great Easter! :)

SunSonSunshine said...

Grandma did love the Easter holiday; She always gave up all sweets for lent and knew once Easter morning rolled around, she was going to be able to eat alin her faith l her sweets again. She was dedicated to what Easter meant, to what life meant. She would be proud of you, Katherine, and I know she is smiling about Colin snatching that candy!