Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day at Grandma & Grandpa's & Father's Day

Saturday we got up early and went to Matt's parents' house. Matt helped his dad clean out his garage while Matt's mom, me, and the kids went to the park and played in the pool. The kids loved playing in the pool for an hour, go inside and play for an hour and have snacks, then back into the pool, then back inside for snacks and some air conditioning. They played and played for hours on end, while we watched daddy have fun cleaning out grandpa's garage.
Uncle Brian, Aunt Robin, and Morgan came over and Matt's parents grilled chicken and steaks.. Yummy! After we ate, the kids played even more. Morgan started reading stories and out went Colin. He was so tired for all the sun, water, and toys.. He couldn't make it past story time. Then very soon to follow was Katherine and Uncle Brian. Guess everyone had a fun day.
Sunday we gave Matt his Father's Day cards and present. I was very proud of Katherine, she learned how to spell and write out Dad all on her own! Katherine wanted us all to go grocery shopping together as a family. So we all loaded up and went to the store. After lunch, we went to our neighborhood water park/splash pad. It's such a great place to spend a hot day.. It's only two streets over from our house and it's free (well not really, we pay our neighborhood association fees each year). The kids had fun in the splash pad, swimming, going down the waterslides, and playing with some of their classmates that were also there. When we got there, I let Katherine know that this year she is tall enough for the big slides IF she wanted to ride them.. She quickly said "No, I don't want to mom, don't make me". But Colin on the other hand cried when I told him no because he is not tall enough and he is not allowed to ride with someone on those. My heart child is going to be my dare devil.. He is going to give me so many heart attacks in life. But Colin had plenty of fun in the splash area and the toddler slides! After the splash pad & pool, we went home and had ice cream sandwiches and a movie.


Jenny Lincoln said...

Wow! What an awesome water park to have two streets away!! :) I'm sure that's nice on those hot Texas days! :) I love your updates- especially the pictures. Glad everything is going great and you all are enjoying your summer.

Smilen Champ said...

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