Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kemah and Family Visit

The picture above was from Chuck-E-Cheese last weekend, isn't so cute!

This weekend my aunt came in from Phoenix for short but very nice visit. We had fixed a nice dinner Friday night and had my brother over. Saturday we got up and took her to the Kemah Boardwalk where they have shops, carnival rides & games, restaurants, and there was a Camero car show going on. We had fun walking into the shops and of course the kids had to play the carnival games, which we came home with two new family members. After a few hours it was getting pretty hot, so we went back home and played in the sprinkler. Then it was time to take my aunt back to the airport. It was very nice to get to spend sometime with her even if it was just a day and half.
Sunday we hung around the house and steam cleaned the carpets.. I know you are envious of that! But it had to be done, between two kids and a dog & cat, the carpets needed a little refreshing. Plus Houston was at over 100 degrees, so we needed to stay inside for the day anyways…yep the summer heat came early this year, aren't we all so excited about that. We had movie night a few nights with popcorn and our new guests, the kids LOVE it, and fight over it!
This week Katherine started the summer camp at school. Since she graduated from pre-school, she is in the "big kid after-schooler" room. They have activites everyday and go on fieldtrips every Thursday. This month they are going to a gymnastics place, Kemah, Wildlife Nature Preserve, and the movies. Colin's class has activites too, today was waterslide day for the whole school, so they had to bring their bathing suits and towels. I know my kids had a blast at that, yesterday was pizza day from Little Ceasers… yummy.
This weekend we are going with my brother and his family to New Braunfuls to swim on the river and cool off from the Texas Heat. You know I am going to have LOTA of pictures for you next week! Summer has officially started and with as hot as it has got already, we are breaking record temps right and left, I imagine you will find us at the pool or beach on the weekends. But looking forward to it, as hot as it is, I am a southern girl and I like it, no thanks to cold places that snow.

Having fun with the remote control boats even though the boats are missing :)In "Jail" on the boardwalk
Snuggled up on movie night


Lisha said...

Love the pics!! We definitely need to get together before Elle's surgery...maybe at Kemah?! It looks like so much fun and I haven't been in a very long long time!

sunshine said...

I miss all those family times, but haven't missed those record breaking temps :) I am with you on the snow and cold though. Have fun this weekend, can't wait to see the pics!