Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Katherine's Pre-K Graduation, Cat Springs, and Beach Day

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. This post has LOTS of pictures, we did so many fun things, had to include them all. I was off for 4 whole days :) Friday I took off for Katherine's Pre-K graduation. That morning, I took Mocha to the vet and then went and got a massage (my Valentine's present from Matt). Then off to graduation. They put on such a cute show. Katherine had a speaking part where she had to recite a bible verse. She did so good, all that practicing at home paid off. They sang songs they learned in school and got diplomas. I am so proud of her, I even felt myself getting a little sappy realizing my baby girl is growing up so fast. Now it's off to Kindergarten, I know she will do great. After the ceremony, I gave her the choice of the Ice Cream Shop or Barnes & Nobles, she choose the bookstore. So we went and got a new Barbie book and brownies from the Starbucks. Where did the years go? Saturday morning we got up and went to an early birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. The kids of course had a blast. I even hit the jackpot on one of the games and won 250 tickets. Katherine was very kind in sharing her tokens with her friends. They were both a little upset when it was time to go. But we had another party to get to. We then packed up the car and drove about an hour away to Cat Springs, TX. Matt's family was having a family reunion at a relative's property out there. It is such a pretty place. They have a nice size pond on the property to go swimming, fishing, or canoeing on. Colin loved riding on the big tractor with Uncle Brian, or having his cousins drive him around on the golf cart, and having Katherine drive him around on the toy tractor. Katherine loved playing with all the toys, driving the tractor around, fishing & passing out the worms, and playing with a new friend she made. The kids played and played for 6 hours, they had such a great time. They had so much good food. At about 7:30 that night we put the kids in the car for our hour drive home, they were both passed out the entire way, they were both exhausted from such a fun filled day.
Sunday morning we got up and decided to head down to the beach for a few hours. It's not Memorial Day weekend without the beach. We got down there early, about 9:30am before it got crowded. The kids ALWAYS love to go to the beach. They had a great time playing in the water, sand, and having a picnic on the beach. We left about 1:30pm, it was getting crowded by then. It was a nice and relaxing time to soak up some sun (a little too much on my back) and play with the kids. That afternoon we just relaxed around the house and watched a movie. Monday we took the kids over to Matt's parents while we went to see Hangover 2 and go out to lunch for our wedding anniversary. I kind of felt the whole weekend was such a great time, Monday we just wanted it to be low key and the two of us. It was a funny movie, definitely not one to watch with kids :0. We had a fun FILLED Memorial Day weekend.. I didn't want to go back to work. I really enjoyed being with my family and enjoying time away going on our little day trips.

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sunshine said...

What a weekend! You guys have always impressed me that you get so much quality time each weekend. Wish we could have been there for it all.