Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night - Kindergarten

Last night was parent orientation and meet the teacher night for Kindergarten.. Yes, I wrote that correctly, my little girl starts Kindergarten next week. How fast 5 years has flown by. I can remember everything about being pregnant with Katherine, her birth and hospital stay, sleepless nights as a baby, all her first milestones (crawling, walking, talking). And in a flash, she went from a little toddler hugging onto my leg to an independent little girl who can write all her ABC's, her numbers, who can add and subtract, and who has the most beautiful imagination I have ever met. She is an amazing little girl and me & her daddy love her so much! I know in another flash she will be in Jr High, High School, then off to college (Texas A&M of course.. She is even wearing her Aggie Princess shirt today).
Katherine's teacher is so cute and peppy, just what you would imagine for a Kindergarten teacher. Katherine has two friends in her class, one of her best friends Rylie and our next door neighbor. I did put in a special request with the school for her and Rylie to be in the same class. With Colin and his Fontan surgery timeframe pending (could be anytime from now until 5 - the goal is 4 or 5 but he might need it sooner), I wanted to know a family in Katherine's class that we could count on if we happen to end up un the hospital for any reason. Knowing that Rylie is in Katherine's class eases my mind just in case. Plus it will help Katherine's transition from daycare to "real" school.
We are ready, we have done all school supply and school clothes shopping! Katherine is excited yet a little nervous. She did warm up to her teacher last night and when we were leaving, she went and hugged her and said "See you on Monday". Matt and I will be taking her in on her first day, another milestone of many more to come.

I know she will do great (if she can keep her talking to a minimum, she has a tendency to be a class clown). She loves to learn. The other night we sat down to do a few pages in a kindergarten workbook she got for her birthday. It has 40 pages, she completed 24 of them with hardly any mistakes at all. Then she wanted to write out all her letters and practice writing numbers, now if I can just keep up that enthusiasm and concentration for the next 16 years! We are already so proud of Katherine and the little girl she has become. No matter how old she gets, she will always be my little princess.

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