Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Week of Firsts (Kindergarten & Slumber Party)

Last week was Katherine's first week at Kindergarten. She was very excited to start school with her new teacher and friends. Matt and I took her to her first day of school. We went into the classroom and hung out a little bit until she got settled in. She was a little disappointed that her and her friend Rylie were not sitting together, but that probably is a good thing for those two "chatty" girls to sit apart for a little while :) She sat down at her desk and started to color waiting for her day to start. Matt and I told her goodbye and we went to a breakfast that the PTO was hosting of kindergarten parents called the "Boo Hoo breakfast". I know all the questions are if I cried dropping her off at her 1st day.. No I did not. She was so excited and we were so excited for her, no tears, just smiles.
After we left the breakfast, Matt and I took the rest of the day of to celebrate our first child going off to "real" school. We headed down to Galveston and went shopping, ate lunch on the seawall and of course has a few tasty beverages at The Rum Shack. It was a hot, but pretty day. We came back and even got in a nap before picking up the kids. Katherine had a great first week at school, she came home very tired each day, all that learning. She has a daily behavior folder she brings home and she got excellent marks each day. She is enjoying Kindergarten so far, hope she keeps it up.

This weekend Matt went out of town to help trim trees at his grandma's house in Corpus in the 100+ degree heat. So it was just me and the kids. Friday night, we had a great dinner over at my brother's house. Yummy Lasagna and chocolate chip cookies. The kids had so much fun and so much to eat, they were both passed out on the way home.
Saturday we had a very eventful day. We had a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese (which now Colin can say and chant very well). Then that evening Katherine had her very first slumber party. She was so excited with her sleeping bag, suitcase, and pillow pet all packed up and ready to go. She has spent many nights at family's house, but this was her first time at a friends house. It make it easy that it was a family we have known for years and they live in our neighborhood. We went over there that evening and Colin and I joined all the girls and moms for a movie in the park.. Tangled. All the girls were well behaved, but Colin was the best behaved, he LOVES that movie and was very much into it. It was a little hot but not too bad. After the movie, we told Katherine good night. She was fine with us leaving, but Colin wanted to stay.. He was not sure why HE wasn't invited to the slumber party. But on the whole 3 minute car ride home, he was passed out asleep from all the day's excitement. Sunday was a record high of 109 here, so we just played inside, took naps, and waited for Matt to come home.

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Jenny Lincoln said...

Yea! I can leave comments on your blog again!! I don't know why it hasn't let me for a long time now. Your kids are getting SO BIG!! :) :) Glad to see things are going well for you guys!! :)