Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our trips to Corpus Christi

We have spent the last two weekends in Corpus Christi for very sad matters. The first weekend we went down to see Matt's grandpa, who's health had been declining rapidly over the last few weeks. We made it there in time for Matt to spend a few hours with his grandpa before he passed away. It was very sad to see how rapidly his health declined. I am very glad that Matt got to spend sometime with him in the end.

We went back to Corpus early Thursday morning for the funeral. We dropped Matt off at his parents hotel to get ready and I took the kids to the Texas State Aquarium. I would have liked to attend the service, but our kids are just too young to be at a funeral. Plus it gave Matt sometime with his family. The kids and I met up with a college friend of Matt and I, actually one of the girls who set us up, and her 2.5 yr old daughter. The Aquarium was real nice with a dolphin show (the kids LOVED), sea otter, jelly fish, sea turtles, AND a really nice splash pad area. I am so glad I got to spend time with our friend, I wish we could see her more often. After the Aquarium, we went to Matt's aunt's house for the family reception. Matt's grandpa was loved by many, there were a lot of people there to celebrate his life.
The next day we went to the beach with a good amount of Matt's family. We got lucky that the tropical storm hit south of where we were and we got no rain or bad weather. The tide was high at the beach and the currents strong due to the storm at sea. The current was so strong it concave some of the sand and made a "natural water slide" that Katherine enjoyed floating down. Colin of course loved playing in the sand and taking a nap on the beach.

The next day we went crabbing with Matt's parents and out to eat for lunch. I think it was a good break for Matt's dad who had been down there for weeks helping out. And we got ice cream :). Then we went to Matt's grandma's house to visit before heading home. Our hotel was nice that we stayed at. It faced the bay and marina. The kids loved standing on the balcony and looking at all the boats. I wish we were there on better circumstances but at least Matt's whole family got to spend a lot of time with us and the kids.
Crabbing, we got a few, just couldn't get them through the seaweed to shore
View from our hotel balcony, the kids loved it! Katherine wanted to stay there "forever"!
Oh no, it got Matt and Katherine :)

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