Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Road trip - Texas Hill Country

This past weekend we got to get out of town and explore a little bit of the Texas Hill Country. Friday started off with Katherine's Field Day at school. I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer running one of the games. It was lots of fun, had a great time playing with Katherine and her classmates. After 2 hours of Field day, her class had a pizza party. Katherine and I quickly came home and met up with Matt and Colin and we were on the road Friday by noon.  

We got to Fredericksburg where my parents where camping by 4:30pm. It was a lovely park they were staying in. It sat on a large creek and had nice hiking trails, a golf course and a nice place to grab a bite to eat. Friday night we went to an old tunnel that millions of bats fly out of at dusk. It was really neat to watch that many bats fly out. 

Saturday we had a packed day.. we went on a nice nature hike, we went to a place that grows fields and fields of wildflowers (it was so pretty), we took the kids exploring in a cave. The "Cave without a name" was amazing, it was nice because it was a smaller tour and you could get really close to everything in the cave. After that, the kids and my parents went back to the campsite to feed the ducks while Matt and I headed to the historic downtown for some shopping and drinks. a little day date if you wish. The downtown was really neat with cool shops, we picked out a few gifts and Matt spoiled me by buying me some dresses.
Sunday it was raining in the morning, so it spoiled some of our plans. We ended up eating breakfast with my parents at this neat little dinner at a small airport. You could sit there and watch the small planes land and take off, the kids loved it. We got in the car and headed home. But made a stop to see Pedernales Falls State Park. It is a beautiful park with a river that has a series of pools and waterfalls. We only spent an hour there just to get a view and let the kids stretch out their legs. 

Unknown to us, Matt had the stomach flu and got sick once we finished our hike, it was a long ride home. This week it has been through all of us.. at least it waited until AFTER our trip and not during it. 
Minus ending on the stomach flu, we had a very fun trip and got to see some parts of Texas we have never really spent much time in. I can see more trips in our future going back there.

Flowers on our nature hike

Katherine at Wildseed Farms.. It was so beautiful there, we took so many pictures!
Wildseed farm
Wildsee farms, lily pound
Exploring the Cave without a name.. the founders felt the cave was too beautiful for a name

They let you really get into a lot of aspects of this cave, the kids had a blast

Me carrying Colin all the way back up. My workout for the day
A flower by my parents campsite
Pedernales Falls State Park

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sunshine said...

Those kids had a great adventure that weekend; they had to be exhausted by the time they got home! We were lucky the weather cooperated.