Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend and Katherine's Kindergarten Graduation

We had a great holiday weekend. Much needed time off and fun in the sun after having Colin's heart cath a week before. We got to spend great quality time with friends and family, go fishing, swim in the pool, and even indulge in some adult beverages and SNO-CONES! 

Friday night we had friends over, the kids played all night while the adults got to visit. The family moved on Sunday to Fort Worth area, so it was one last hu-rah before they moved away. We got to have so much fun, we didn't realize it was 1am before long. The girls fell asleep in our bed watching a movie, but not the boys. Colin and his friend were still running around at 1:00am. Boys will be boys.

Saturday we went to a family bbq out in the country. We all love going out to their property. It has a nice size pond to fish and swim in (we didn't let the kids swim since Colin's restrictions had not been lifted from the heart cath). But they loved riding the tractor and the golf cart around the property. Colin caught NINE fish, he was having a blast. Katherine's favorite part was driving the golf cart and making sno-cones. She liked it so much, the next day we went and bought the kids their own sno-cone maker!
Sunday we had a nice quite day around the house. My parents took the kids to the movies while Matt and I ran some errands. Monday we had a BBQ with my family and went swimming. Most importantly Matt and Katherine got up early in the morning and put out our American Flags and Matt taught Katherine the true meaning on Memorial Day. The kids loved going to the pool and swimming.

Katherine's Kindergarten Graduation
Katherine graduated Kindergarten yesterday, can't believe she is going to be a first grader, where has the time gone? I am so proud of her. She had a great first year of "real school". She is reading so well and is doing well in math. It is amazing watching her grow the past year. She is so smart, inquisitive, creative, and loves school. They had a great ceremony with each kid walking across the stage and then they sang all the parents a song they worked hard. Afterwards we went to her classroom and took pictures and then I took Katherine out just the two of us for a special treat, her favorite.. soft pretzels and slushies :)
We had such a great time in Kindergarten with her class projects and learning on how read and count to 100, can't wait to see what first grade brings us!

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