Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cousins and Cowabunga

PIZZA!! Katherine and Colin had face pairing at school
Friday night my nephew came and had a sleepover with us while my brother and sister packed up their house as they are moving and waiting on their new house to be built. So Kannon came and stayed the night with us. The kids had a blast. We ordered pizza, had a dance party, played games, watched cartoons, and read books. The only hard part was really for bedtime, we had to spilt them all up to make them go to bed.
Kannon loves the ladies, found him with all the barbies

Sunday we took the kids done to the beach early in the morning since it was already 90 degrees when we got there at 9:00am. It was a beautiful day, the kids brought their new boogie boards to test out. Then about an hour into our morning, the sky turned dark. But good news is, it cooled it off some.

We got to stay about 2 hours total when the thunder got close and it was pretty dark. But Katherine and Colin were ready for lunch because they worked off their breakfast by boogie boarding straight for 2 hours! Neither one of them wanted to get out of the water and play in the sand. They were all about "surfing" and "catching waves". Katherine did really good at getting a wave and riding in almost to shore. Colin surprised me for wanting to walk into the deeper water to catch the waves, but he wanted to be close to Katherine.. he is her shadow! 
The beach right when we got there. a perfect day!
Cowabunga dude! Getting ready for the perfect wave. But look at the sky behind them.. what happened to our beach day weather!! 
Katherine waiting for the perfect wave
Colin getting set for waves, He was having so MUCH fun!!
As the storm was blowing over us, blue sky trapped in the middle
My cool surfer dude! 
Katherine riding in a wave.


sunshine said...

PRICELESS moments! Loved the pics of all of them on sleepover, especially kannon with the barbies! The beach pics of Colin with that boogie board is for framing!

Tanya Leigh said...

Great pics! That boy so loves the beach!!