Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st day of 1st Grade, Jumping party, splash pad, and waterslides

Katherine started first grade this week! Cannot believe how much she has grown and that she is in 1st grade already. She at first just wanted to ride the daycare bus to school, but finally convinced her to let me walk her in the first day.

She was very excited to go back to school. She will have two teachers this year instead of one. Can't wait to see what this school year brings her! She was very excited when she came home, they spent the whole day with just the morning teacher to get to know her and her classmates. She said her first grade teacher is even nicer than her kindergarten teacher (one reason because you don't have to ASK to go to the bathroom).
Colin wanted his picture taken too!
Katherine and her friend Rylie
 One of Katherine's friends had her birthday party at an indoor trampoline place. The kids whole family had a blast bouncing and jumping. We worked up an appetite! Had to go home and shower before going to Matt's parents later that day. Colin and Katherine both say they want their birthday parties there too!

We attempted to go to the zoo the other day.. what were we thinking.. it's Texas, it's August! We only lasted about an hour looking at the animals, but luckily the zoo added a new splash pad area.. the kids had fun cooling down there. I got in too to cool myself down. NOTE TO SELF.. STILL TOO HOT FOR ZOO!

 Last weekend the kids were begging to go back to the waterside park in Galveston, so we met up with some friends and took the kids down for the day. They LOVED having their friends there to play and swim with! It had rained all morning and on our ride down there, but luckily the rain stopped as we were parking and it became a beautiful day!


sunshine said...

Those kids are going to miss summer!

Smilen Champ said...

Hi Collin
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It doesn't matter what others say

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