Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Family Fun Day & What's with the dead fish?

Yesterday Matt decided we should take off of work for a FAMILY FUN DAY. We headed down to Galveston to go to a nice water park. I have a friend who works there, so it was nice to be able to stop by and visit for a little bit with him. I think Katherine was 4 when he got to see her last, so it had been awhile.  

We had a blast! Katherine actually went down watersides...she has NEVER been a fan! She must of went down them 50 times, she wanted to go on the bigger ones, but she was an inch too short. But I am so so excited she is taking an interest in watersides, as I am a water park junkie! Colin and I went down the slides together about 30 times.They also had a lazy river the kids loved and 3 different splash pad areas. The kids LOVED the wave pool, great waves like the beach without the saltwater in our eyes. It was a GREAT family fun day. Much Much better than sitting at work on a Tuesday!!! I didn't get many pictures of the kids because we were all too busy going down the slides or floating the river, but before we left I got my camera out and snapped a few shots.

I am so glad we are have the opportunity to take off work during the week to spend time with our kids as a family. Matt and I spend a lot of time working, sometimes I feel like most of our lives it's work, work, work. It is a blessing to get to take a day aside for family fun day. The kids are ALREADY asking when are we going back!

She had so much fun. Look at that smile!
The watersides where we went up and down, up and down, up and down
Matt and Katherine relaxing in the beach chairs in the white sand after the water slides, wave pool, and lazy river

Follow the yellow brick road

Saturday morning t-ball was a scorcher as always. Katherine did really great at hitting and throwing the ball. And of course looking cute while doing it all. We just have one more game left of the season. She has had fun with t-ball and playing with all her friends, it was just too hot really.
Saturday night we had some friends over to grill fajitas and watch the pre-season Texans football game. Yeah, it's football season. I don't care too much for NFL but I LOVE college football. Can't wait to watch my Aggies kick butt this year. The kids had fun playing outside, then it started to rain, but hey it's summer and a little down pour can't stop the fun. So the kids got SOAKED but had a great time doing it.

Sunday we went down to the beach to meet my 1st college roommate that I lived in the dorms with for 2 years and her family. We got down there and were shocked when we arrived. Hundreds of dead fish on the shoreline. Luckily it had just happened over night, so they didn't smell yet. This certain fish swims in schools of thousands and they hit an algea bloom that depleted the oxygen in the water, suffocating the fish. Though it was still safe to swim, I didn't let the kids in the water, so it was just a sandcastle making day. The kids had fun playing together and it was great catching up with an old friend.

Colin has now taking a liking to peeing outside and since we weren't swimming in the ocean, he had to resort to peeing in the sand

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Jenny said...

Lol- Colin is hilarious. I love his peeing pictures. Glad you all had fun!