Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow Sledding..In Texas.. In 80 degrees.. and a surgery update

Snow!! The kids have been dying to play in snow, well this weekend they got their chance, well sort of. Our town had its Annual Winterfest, we have not been able to go in years past due to other commitments, so this was our first year. AND IT WAS A BLAST!! Of course it wasn't real snow since it was sunny and 80 degrees, but the kids had fun regardless.

We got there a little early in anticipation of the crowds (about 30 minutes before the gates opened). The lady working said they will start selling tickets in a little awhile, they it was just open for special needs families right now. I asked her what constituted as a special needs family and told her about Colin. So we got to go in AND it was free for special needs families. Big kudos to the City of Pearland for that. So we got to do a lot before the real crowds started coming in about 2 hrs later.

I had no idea how big of an event it was with so much to do, and we pretty much did IT ALL! They had 2 snow hills to sled down (Katherine was big enough for the big one, Colin was happy to be on the smaller one). Colin LOVED it, he must have gone down that hill about 15 times! They also had an arena for snowball fights.. this was a lot of fun for all 4 of us.

There was pony rides, petting zoo, carnival rides, carnival games, about 40 different types of moonwalks, live entertainment, and yummy food vendors (just had to get some funnel cake). The only things you had to pay for once you got in were the carnival games and the food, all the rest was included. We stayed for about 5 hours playing and when it was time to leave, the kids weren't ready just yet. I even got a little sunburn at the Winterfest.

It will definitely be on our calendars to do next year. Colin has talked non-stopped about the snow hill and snow ball fights. Katherine loved the carnival rides the most.

Just an update on Colin's surgery.. Tuesday we got a call from Texas Children's Hospital about looking at dates for his surgery. They had in their notes for Spring/Summer and they are in the process of scheduling for Spring. I told her we want to do July and she said she would call back after Colin's cardiology check up on March 5 and we will discuss how the appointment went and talk about dates then. JUST WANT TO THROW UP!! I know he needs it, I trust in God and our team of doctors, I know he will do so much better, I know we are strong and have great support and I am THANKFUL for all that.. But bottom line.. my 4 yr old (he will be 4 by the time of his surgery) has to yet again have his little heart worked on.. if they need to fix the valve (which they are not sure about yet), they will have to actually STOP his heart from beating. My sweet boy, my little stinker of a silly boy, my outdoors little surfer man. So we are going to LIVE it up this Spring, so what the blog for all the fun trips and activities before we are put on surgery lock down!


Kathy K said...

Sounds like fun, here in Chicago we have about 10 degrees this week and NO snow :( I kind of wish we had 80's back.

Jennifer said...

I am a true Texas girl, I think I would die up North ;)