Thursday, August 8, 2013

And it's out, no more chest tubes!

Colin got the last of his chest tubes removed this morning! YEAH! It has been a long time in the making! We found out yesterday that his drainage was pretty low and if remained low over the course of the day and night, it would be pulled in the morning. I didn't say anything except to family so we wouldn't get our hopes up. This morning at 8:30am they came and pulled the tube out at bedside. It was a rough morning since he woke up at 6am wanting something to drink and could not have anything until they pull the chest tube and he got chest x-ray (which was about 9:30am).

BUT YEAH!! We are chest tube and IV free now! Colin has nothing on him at all!!! He is only on 2 medications (diuretics) and one full baby aspirin. He is no longer on enalapril and they are thinking of not having him on it anymore.

The plan is if his chest x-ray looks good in the morning, then we could be out of here by early to mid afternoon tomorrow! That's right we might be on our way home! Tomorrow will make 25 days since the date of his surgery. Though our recovery was a little longer than expected, Colin is doing so good and his heart is doing excellent. It is well worth the 25 days in the hospital to have his heart not having to work as hard.

He still has 5 more weeks of the fat free diet, but we are trying to make do. We have a wonderful army of family and friends scouring the grocery stores for kid friendly fat free foods and researching fat free kid friendly recipes.

We have had a great amount of visitors and friends stop by in the last few days to help keep Colin entertained. This 4 year old is so over being here and has amazing amount of energy and just keeps going and going and going, so it's great to have friends his age come by and burn off some of that energy. Colin has been flirting with all the nurses.

Please pray that his x-ray looks good in the morning and we can head out of this place. As much as I love this hospital, they have given my son an amazing shot at life, it is time for us to go home and be a family together all under the same roof. Colin said when he gets home he wants to play with the dog then have the whole family play Wii together, I think we can make that happen.
A game on Jenga with daddy
Rocking out in the play room
We love visitors

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