Friday, August 30, 2013

Ready to bust out of here!

In Colin's own words.. "When my picture looks better, I get to BUST out of here"! 

Colin's chest x-ray has been looking better and better each day, the fluid in his chest is starting to come off with help of the IV diuretics, just not enough to be able to leave just yet. Today they decided to add a 3rd diuretic to see if that helps speed up the process. The doctors are trying to decide how much is okay to go home with and treat at home and trying to get a mix of the right combination and amount of diuretics to get the fluid off and to prevent it from building back up again. 

At this point, we are not having to put a tube in since it is draining on it's own. But there MIGHT be a chance that if it does continue to barely come off, then we might need a new game plan. 

Today they let Colin go off the floor since he is acting 120% normal and very active (maybe they let us leave for awhile since Colin is running around the floor, maybe they need some peace and quite). So Colin rode the escalator in the lobby about 20 times, went and got a haircut (on the 16th floor they have a stylist that cuts hair for free), made wishes in the fountain, and stood on the skybridge to watch the train pass by below. We have of course done our normal laps around the unit. 

The nurses and doctors keep noting this does NOT look like a kid who is in here for fluid issues!! We have come to find out that the amount of fluid Colin had on his chest was actually very large and was pushing all around his lung, Colin is just too strong of a SUPERHERO to let it slow him down. He did not and has not shown any signs of being in distress due the fluid. So glad we had a check up and they caught it before it got him in serious trouble. 

The thought of why the fluid built up.. Colin's x-ray the other week looked "AMAZING" so they cut down his diuretics. This decrease in medicine allowed for the fluid to build back up. This just means Colin will need to be on diuretics just a little bit longer and have to take it slower on decreasing the medicines.  

Colin's heart looks great, so as stressful and boring being back in the hospital, we are very thankful for being here JUST for fluid issues and NOT heart issues!
Morning x-ray
Watching the light rail go by.. some freedom from his room
Escalator fun, over and over again
Getting a much needed haircut, it has been 2 months
My wish is to get OUT of here!
My mom put me to work answering her emails

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